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They sing these songs, moving in a carol band from house to house and standing under the window or near the door. After singing and congratulations after it (as a rule, in verse form - the so-called "pokolyad") carolers receive some kind of reward (also a remnant of ancient magical ritual actions). Songs about Malanka and the New Year's show-game "Goat" are separate categories of donations. In some places in Western Ukraine, the so-called rindzivki, performed at the time of the spring equinox, have also survived.


there were children who did not speak for a long time, so they were given a drink of water from a ritual bell. If there was a girl in the house, she gave each caroler apples and nuts:
Farewell to us, Greek youth,
Buckwheat young man, Mr. Vasyl!
Goy, healthy, healthy, and not alone,
And not by himself, but also with a son, from mothers,
Yes, and with the father, from the mothers, and from all the children.
We wish you good health,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
And with this Christmas, this New Year,
This New Year, good luck,
Good income and long life.
Give you, God, happiness and health,
Happiness, health and good growth,
Father, have fun with you,
To receive your dowry,
Your dowry and happy,
Oh, be healthy!

Вечером подростковые девочки поодиночке или вместе обходили дома соседей и родственников, чтобы укорениться. Это было отдельное предновогоднее действие, в котором участвовали только девушки:
Я маленькая девочка,
У меня платьице рябенькое.
Я не знаю ни "аз", ни "буки",
Поэтому подарите что-нибудь в руки!
Пришли щедровать в ваш дом.
Щедрый вечер, добрый вечер!
Здесь живет хозяин – богатства обладатель.
Щедрый вечер, добрый вечер!
А его богатство-золотые руки.
Щедрый вечер, добрый вечер!
А его потеха-хорошие дети.
Щедрый вечер, добрый вечер.