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I sow, I sow, I sow
Happy New Year,
With cattle, with a stomach,
With wheat, with oats! Carolers were invited into the house, seated at an elegant table and treated to treats. The grains scattered by the carolers were all gathered together, stored, and in the spring they were the first to be thrown into the ground, hoping that they would provide a good harvest.


Когда спускалась Заря, начиналось празднование. В это время, во-первых, заносили в дом Дидуха. Под стол, под скатерть, под блюдо – кутью – клали солому, эту соломенную бабу, которая в нынешней трактовке уже символизирует ясли, в которых родился Христос. А первоначально, вероятно, это был символ зерна, богатого урожая. На углы стола ставили зубчики чеснока – обереги от нечистой силы. Начиналось все именно с Дидуха. Никто не садился за стол, пока отец не вносил в дом этого Дидуха.

According to another legend, the Christmas tree was introduced into use by Martin Luther, who was walking through the forest at Christmas and saw a star shining above the Christmas tree, which seemed to him to be absolutely identical to the Star of Bethlehem, and he put that Christmas tree in his home and decorated it with a star. This is how the Christmas tree allegedly came to Western Europe. And later, in the 19th century, it was borrowed by France, later taken over by England, it even stood in the Windsor Palace, and later German immigrants who moved to America also brought a Christmas tree. Initially, when the Christmas tree appeared, it was decorated with fruits, apples, for example, which symbolize the same Original Sin of Adam and Eve.