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The light that the Sun of Kolyada gives to people every year is the nourishing, all-conquering power of the Creator, which calls from the most ancient times to this hour for the Holy Supper, where the doors are open for everyone, where the tables are set for everyone." (V. Voytovych, Sokil- Reed, 1997) To glorify God the Creator, the people created a huge number of solemn hymns-songs about the creation of the world, honoring the Sun, the Moon, the Goddess Dana and their human descendants - carols and hymns. Let's note that carols are almost never baked, and Christmas cakes are never baked during the day - they celebrate the Feast of Christmas Eve, the Moon and the Stars. This is a holiday of faith in the Light, so that people live better, so that the earth gives birth better than last year, so that the future children and grandchildren of the Family live more cheerfully.


Существует гипотеза, что название праздника - "коляда" - и песен - "колядки" происходит от названия Нового года в Древнем Риме (Calendae lanuarie), что свидетельствует о тесных контактах украинско-славянской культуры с греческо-римской в предхристианские времена. Своеобразным "воспоминанием" о весенней новогодней обрядности является в украинском фольклоре весенняя тематика многих колядок и щедривок Ф.Колесса, например, считает, что аутентичным названием зимних величественных песен на украинских территориях была собственно "щедровка". Уже в XIX веке существенные отличия между колядками и щедривками по тематике фактически исчезли (В.Гнатюк).

The carolers must have had the sun in their hands. They made it from old rims and decorated it with colorful ribbons. In Ukraine and Belarus, there were also such customs: shderivka - a kind of carols. They were also song requests for a fruitful, bountiful year.
You people, rejoice!
Everyone triumph today!
Today is Christmas!