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Sébastien Léger live at the Great Pyramids of Giza, in Egypt for Cercle


Sébastien Léger playing an exclusive live set from the Great Pyramids of Giza, in Egypt for Cercle ☞ Subscribe to our channel for more videos: 🤍 ☞ Subscribe to our Spotify playlist: 🤍 ☞ Cercle on Apple Music: 🤍 ☞ Become a Cercle Member: 🤍 ☞ Cercle Records Sébastien Léger - Giza : 🤍 ☞ Sébastien Léger 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ☞ The Story Behind this video 🤍 29°58'33.8"N 31°07'39.6"E Video credits: Artists: Sébastien Léger Venue: The Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt Produced by Cercle Executive producers: Philippe Tuchmann & Derek Barbolla Film directed by: Pol Souchier & Derek Barbolla Directors of photography: Mathieu Glissant & Mickaël Fidjili Drone pilots: Ifly Sound mastering: Antoine Guest Post-production: Mathieu Glissant (Saison Unique Production) Technical Manager: Aurélien Moisan Stage design: Karim Yousry Special thanks to: Bas Enab, Mahmoud Zidan & Misty Moustafa Sheta from Playground. Donal Mccarthy, Cian Toner & James Pidgeon from Sébastien Léger's management. Eric Caucheteur from Paris Webcube. Galerie Joseph. Also, special thanks to Freedom Music. And finally, special thanks to Ahmed Youssef, chairman of Egypt's Tourism Promotion Authority from the Ministry of Tourism. This artistic performance has been recorded live. Tracklist: 0:00:00 Sébastian Léger - Oasis 0:08:30 Sébastian Léger - Giza 0:15:00 Sébastian Léger - Secret 0:21:15 Nerdseq M32 - ID (unreleased) 0:29:00 ID - ID 0:47:00 Sébastian Léger - Skadi 0:55:00 Sébastian Léger - Ashes In The Wild 1:01:00 Sébastian Léger - Jaguar 1:08:45 Sébastian Léger - Lanarka 1:19:42 Interview Follow us on 🤍

Full tour inside the Great Pyramid of Giza | Pyramid of Cheops aka Khufu | Trip to Kairo, Egypt 2021


The Great Pyramid of Giza (also known as the Pyramid of Khufu or the Pyramid of Cheops) is the oldest and largest of the pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex bordering present-day Giza in Greater Cairo, Egypt. It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact. Egyptologists conclude that the pyramid was built as a tomb for the Fourth Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu and estimate that it was built in the 26th century BC during a period of around 27 years. Initially standing at 146.5 meters (481 feet), the Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world for more than 3,800 years. Over time, most of the smooth white limestone casing was removed, which lowered the pyramid's height to the present 138.5 meters (454.4 ft). What is seen today is the underlying core structure. The base was measured to be about 230.3 meters (755.6 ft) square, giving a volume of roughly 2.6 million cubic meters (92 million cubic feet), which includes an internal hillock. The dimensions of the pyramid were 280 royal cubits (146.7 m; 481.4 ft) high, a base length of 440 cubits (230.6 m; 756.4 ft), with a seked of 5.5 palms (a slope of 51°50'40"). The Great Pyramid was built by quarrying an estimated 2.3 million large blocks weighing 6 million tonnes in total. The majority of stones are not uniform in size or shape and are only roughly dressed. The outside layers were bound together by mortar. Primarily local limestone from the Giza Plateau was used. Other blocks were imported by boat down the Nile: White limestone from Tura for the casing, and granite blocks from Aswan, weighing up to 80 tonnes, for the King's Chamber structure. There are three known chambers inside the Great Pyramid. The lowest was cut into the bedrock, upon which the pyramid was built, but remained unfinished. The so-called Queen's Chamber and King's Chamber, that contains a granite sarcophagus, are higher up, within the pyramid structure. Khufu's vizier, Hemiunu (also called Hemon), is believed by some to be the architect of the Great Pyramid. Many varying scientific and alternative hypotheses attempt to explain the exact construction techniques. The funerary complex around the pyramid consisted of two mortuary temples connected by a causeway (one close to the pyramid and one near the Nile), tombs for the immediate family and court of Khufu, including three smaller pyramids for Khufu's wives, an even smaller "satellite pyramid" and five buried solar barges. English title: Full tour inside the Great Pyramid of Giza | Pyramid of Cheops aka Khufu | Trip to Kairo, Egypt 2021 #GreatPyramid #Cheops #Giza

Zamalek Giza | Spirituality | Bantu | Aliens | God | Credo Mutwa | Inzalo Yelanga | Virtual Mkhukhu


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ABELARD GIZA - Piniata (całe nagranie) (2020)


Nagranie pochodzi z mojego gościnnego występu podczas 24 Rybnickiej Jesieni Kabaretowej. Widownia była doskonała, my czuliśmy się świetnie i na szczęście ten wieczór - za moją wiedzą - zarejestrował Grzegorz Porowski. Dzięki jego uprzejmości materiał - który miał trafić tylko do prywatnego archiwum stał się materiałem, którym podzielę się z Wami. W dobie Netflixa nie jest to może realizacja idealna, ale wierzę, że niesie ze sobą ducha tamtego występu. Mam nadzieję, że będziecie mieć z niego chociaż część tej frajdy, którą ja miałem na scenie. 🔘 SUBSKRYBUJ 🤍 🎧 STREFA GIZY (podcast) 👉 🤍 🎬 SERIAL ""KRYZYS"" 🤍 📷 INSTAGRAM 🤍 👍 FACEBOOK 🤍 Support: Kuba Śliwka 🤍 Mateusz Petryka 🤍 Prowadzenie: Michał Leja 🤍 Opracowanie graficzne: Paweł Król 🤍 🤍 Nagranie: Kabaretarium Grzegorz Porowski kabaretarium🤍 🤍 Postprodukcja: MORNINGSTAR MEDIA - WOJCIECH SZATAN

Giza, Egypt: The Pyramids and Great Sphinx - Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide - Travel Bite


Stoke your travel dreams with this clip! Watch the full episode: 🤍 The Pyramids of Giza are one of the most recognizable scenes in all of tourism. The grandest is known as the Great Pyramid; one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, it was designed to house the pharaoh Cheops' body — and help send his soul into the afterlife. Nearby, the Great Sphinx keeps watch over the rising sun. #ricksteves #ricksteveseurope #giza Visit 🤍 for more information about this destination and other destinations in Europe. Check out more Rick Steves’ Europe travel resources: “Rick Steves’ Europe” public television series: 🤍 “Travel with Rick Steves” public radio program: 🤍 European Tours: 🤍 Guidebooks: 🤍 Travel Gear: 🤍 Trip Consulting: 🤍 Travel Classes: 🤍 Rick Steves Audio Europe App: 🤍 Rick Steves, America's most respected authority on European travel, writes European travel guidebooks, and hosts travel shows on public television and public radio.

10 Reasons Why The Egypt Pyramids TERRIFY Scientists


10 reasons why the Egypt pyramids TERRIFY scientists. Ancient Egypt holds many mysteries that archaeologists are trying to figure out. The mysterious history of Egypt is why it interests scientists. DON'T CLICK THIS LINK: 🤍 ✅ For more amazing discoveries as well as recent discoveries, subscribe! Subscribe 👉 🤍



Provided to YouTube by Cercle Records Giza · Sébastien Léger · Sébastien Léger · Sébastien Léger Giza ℗ Sébastien Léger under exclusive licence to Cercle Records Released on: 2020-11-05 Auto-generated by YouTube.

ABELARD GIZA - Numer 3 (całe nagranie) (2018)


Udostępniony materiał został zarejestrowany 10 lipca 2018 roku w gdańskim klubie "Parlament". Na zapowiedzi Olka Szczęśniak. 👍 WEJDŹ NA FB 🤍 📷 INSTAGRAM 🤍 🔘 SUBSKRYPCJA 🤍 🎬 SERIAL ""KRYZYS"" 🤍 🔺 NAJPOPULARNIEJSZE 🤍

The Great Pyramid of Giza Documentary 2019 HD


Become a Patreon :) 🤍 Decoding the Great Pyramid - 2019 Ancient Egypt documentary by PBS Nova Click Subscribe!! I don't own this content! Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All Videos belong to the proper owner. I am using them for criticism and Education/Research purposes. I am protected under the Fair use Law This content is used for educational use only!

The Great Pyramids Of GIZA Egypt 🇪🇬 | 🛑 Fraud 😠 | Must Watch this Before Visit | Full Experience


The Great Egypt Pyramids | Finally Went Inside the Biggest Ahram E Misar | Watch this Before Visit Hijrat Ka Safar All Videos 👇 🤍 👉✅ Madina All Ziyarah Videos 👌👌👇👇 🤍 All Egypt 🇪🇬 Videos 👇 🤍 👉✅ All Madinah Life Videos 👌👌 👇👇 🤍 👉 All Short Videos ✅ 👇👇 🤍 Facebook PAGE 🤍 InstaGram 🤍 #Egypt #Madina #ZubairRiaz

Why Was The Great Sphinx of Giza Built? | Blowing Up History


Find out what the Great Sphinx would have looked like when it was first built, and why the Pharaoh Khafre had the great monument built with his face on it. Subscribe to Discovery UK for more great clips: 🤍 Follow Discovery UK on Twitter: 🤍



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The Great Pyramid’s Niche of Secrets


We are fortunate that many explorers from the past have documented their exploration of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The monument has changed greatly over time, with many critical parts broken, relocated, and renovated or replaced. The ‘Queen’s Chamber’ of the Great Pyramid is particularly difficult to understand because it has been subjected to the most damage from visitors. Recently new testimonies from 1837 have come to light which provide critical evidence to understanding if a sarcophagus is missing from within it. The entirely unique niche on the chamber’s eastern wall has taunted investigators since before written records. Why is there? What secrets might it hold? The interpretations of explorers have caused tunnels to be dug through it and beneath it. These excavations have accidentally given us critical information to understanding the Queen’s Chamber beyond hunting for a missing tomb. Ancient Architects Queen’s Chamber video: 🤍 Stegan Bergdoll’s new book: 🤍 Stefan Bergdoll on Academia: 🤍 Many photos courtesy of the ISIDA Project: 🤍

What Happened to the Giza Pyramid Granite Casing Stones? | Ancient Architects


The Giza pyramids have stood proudly for thousands of years, through many turbulent periods of Egyptian history, and although the Great Pyramid of Khufu gets all the attention, the pyramids of Khafre and Menkaure are also incredible in their own right. The Great Pyramid was completely cased in fine Tura limestone, but the first one or two courses of the Khafre pyramid, and the first 15 or 16 courses of the Menkaure pyramid were cased in granite. I believe this was all because of flood defence and a video I made in 2021 explains why. Click here to watch: 🤍 But when we look closer at the granite casing stones on both pyramids, we do often see a strange outer appearance - like a shell. It looks like its flaking, like there is a rind on the outside of each stone that’s coming away. Why is it like this? Watch the video to find out. All images are taken from Google Images and the Isida Project website (linked below) for educational purposes only. Please subscribe to Ancient Architects, Like the video and please leave a comment below. Thank you. Sources: 🤍 #AncientArchitects #PyramidsOfEgypt #AncientEgypt

ABELARD GIZA - Proteus Vulgaris (całe nagranie) (2016)


„Proteus Vulgaris” - to mój pierwszy solowy, pełnowymiarowy program, grany od kwietnia 2015 roku do czerwca 2016. 57 miast, 70 koncertów i prawie 15 tysięcy widzów. Udostępniony materiał został zarejestrowany 18 lutego 2016 roku w warszawskiej „Piwnicy Pod Harendą”. Razem ze mną na scenie pojawiła się również Wiolka Walaszczyk (na supporcie). 👍 WEJDŹ NA FB 🤍 📷 INSTAGRAM 🤍 🔴 SUBSKRYPCJA 🤍 🎬 SERIAL "KRYZYS" 🤍 🔺 NAJPOPULARNIEJSZE 🤍

The Giza Plateau | Revealed


The Giza Plateau | Revealed Who built the Pyramids of Giza? Why was the Great Pyramid of Giza built? How were the Pyramids built? Why was the Great Sphinx of Giza built? We may think that everything has been said about the Great Pyramid of Giza but some unclear facts were dismissed by the mainstream Egyptologists. And not just that, it looks like we also missed the point.

ABELARD GIZA - Ludzie trzymajcie kapelusze (całe nagranie) (2017)


"Ludzie trzymajcie kapelusze" to mój drugi solowy program, grany od grudnia 2016 do sierpnia 2017 roku. Udostępniony materiał został zarejestrowany 10 lipca 2017 roku w gdańskim klubie "Parlament". Obok mnie na scenie pojawił się również Adam Van Bendler. 👍 WEJDŹ NA FB 🤍 📷 INSTAGRAM 🤍 🔴 SUBSKRYPCJA 🤍 🎬 SERIAL "KRYZYS" 🤍 🔺 NAJPOPULARNIEJSZE 🤍 Projekt graficzny plakatu: Katarzyna Fryza - Księżopolska Realizacja nagrania: Kamil Dolny

2021 Guide to PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT and Sphinx - Avoid scammer Cairo GIZA


Top 3 Scams You’ll Run Into At The Pyramids Of Giza & How To Avoid Them The Egyptian Pyramids are a symbol known worldwide to the old and young alike. Standing majestically tall as a testament to the prosperity of the ancient Egyptian civilization, the pyramids welcome 14.7 admirers to their grounds every year.  To those who visit, the pyramids act as a portal into history. Being from Rome myself, I understand what it means to grow up and live steeped in tales of the past and surrounded by ruins of once-glorious monuments. Something unique about it reaches into your soul and connects you through a spiritual line to your ancestors and those gone before you.  However, the pyramids stand out. There’s something mesmerizing about them with their unique sense of mystery and unparalleled wonder. You simply stand and stare at their lofty sides and grand peaks in awe. While you’re doing this, there’s a lot of hustle-bustle around you. Noise, movement, people zipping every which way, and it can get overwhelming – fast. Especially if you’re not familiar with the area. This is when the danger of being scammed arises. If you’re not prepared, your dream trip can turn into a nightmare. Taxi drivers conspiring with rogue sellers to get a commission; touts trying to sell you a statue or papyrus for extortionate prices. You might even meet the odd seller or two who’ll give you a nice upfront price and charge you three times as much after! While it’s not prevalent, it’s just present enough that you need to be aware of it. So, let’s take a look at some of the most common scams you might run into. We’ll go through the signs to look out for and how to avoid them.  The most common scams you’ll run into at the pyramids You could come across the first scam before you even get to the pyramids. It’s important not to fall at this hurdle because a domino effect of scams could follow shortly behind if you do. If you’re not traveling with a tour, you’ll likely reach the pyramids by taxi.  Without thinking, it’s tempting to just flag down a street cab, negotiate a price, and then go. After driving through Cairo traffic for a while, the pyramids appear on the horizon. As you continue on, you can feel them getting closer. THEN suddenly, the taxi takes a turn, and before you know it, you’re stopped on an unknown street surrounded by horse and camel barns. It’s here that the taxi driver will inform you that the only way to get to the pyramid’s entrance is by horse carriage. Subsequently, he’ll invite you into a dingy office where a suspicious co-conspirator will offer you outrageously expensive trips. For this, the taxi man will walk away with a share of whatever you pay. How do you avoid this? The simple answer is Uber. It’s my go-to service no matter where I’m going in Cairo, and the price is thankfully fixed. Be sure to demand to be dropped off at an official ticket booth and accept no other suggestions. JOIN THE FACEBOOK PAGE! 🤍 Overcharging Camel Rides  The freedom and fun of riding a camel at the Giza pyramids are irresistible. You’ll be surrounded by other’s enjoying the ride and will likely be tempted to follow suit. However, there’s one thing you need to keep in mind before mounting. While most ride vendors are honest, you’ll find a few bad apples among them. So, it’s essential that you’re sure of a fixed price before you sit down atop the camel. Be sure to repeat the fixed price many times and determine whether the vendor is dealing with you in Euro or Eqyptian Pound. You may agree on a price in Egyptian Pound only to be told after that it should be Euro. If all fails, bring paper and a pen with you to write it down in front of the seller. Bonus: 400 to 500 Egyptian pounds is a reasonable price for a standard camel ride. You shouldn’t agree to pay more unless you have special requirements or want to keep the ride for your entire visit. No Access To The Pyramids  Before you think that there’s a one-size-fits-all ticket for the pyramids, think again. There are actually 2 tickets: one for the Giza Plateau and the other to the inside of the Great Pyramid. Whether you’re buying from a tour agency or a third party, it’s imperative that you tell them you want an inside ticket if that’s what you’re after. Otherwise, you could end up paying extra charges to get into the pyramids on-location. The guide may even prevent you from entering the pyramids, claiming they’re closed simply because they don’t want to go in. And there you have it, the scams to keep an eye out for on your trip. If you can avoid all of the above-listed dangers, you’re in for the journey of your life! Have fun! #pyramid #giza #egypt #travel #scammer #tickets #sphynx #wonderoftheworld



#Egypt #pyramids #giza I reached Egypt from Iraq and rested for 1 day at my hotel and this is the video from next day where i went to Pyramids of Giza ( Most visited place in Egypt) and in next video you will see me going inside the Pyramid. My Store Website - 🤍 Book a Hostel from this Link to Help me Travel - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 - 🤍 E-mail ID - doctoryatri🤍 Big World Map -🤍 Small World Map - 🤍 Magnetic Board -🤍 Gadgets I Use to shoot and Edit : Primary Camera - 🤍 Camera to Zoom (Flip Screen) - 🤍 Laptop to Edit - 🤍 Selfie Stick - 🤍 Memory Card 64 GB - 🤍

Giza: La caduta del dogma - Nuova Intervista per i 4000 iscritti


Ho deciso di festeggiare con gli autori del libro i 4000 iscritti al canale.

Zamalek Giza | Spirituality | Zulu | Bantu | Aliens | God | Credo Mutwa | Nature | DJ SBU


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J. Balvin - Ginza (Official Video)


Subscribe to J Balvin's channel here: 🤍 Listen to J Balvin’s Top Hits on your favorite streaming platform: 🤍 Top Hits here: 🤍 Shop: 🤍 Follow J Balvin: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 LYRICS Kenedy Si necesita' reggaetón, dale Sigue bailando, mami, no pare' Acércate a mi pantalón, dale Vamo' a pegarno' como animales Si necesita' reggaetón, dale Sigue bailando, mami, no pare Acércate a mi pantalón, dale Vamo' a pegarno' como animales Muévete a mi ritmo Siente el magnetismo Tu cadera con la mía (Boom) Hacen un sismo Ahora da lo mismo El amor ahora es turismo Diciéndole que no al que viene con romanticismo Si te dan ganas de bailar, pues dale En esta disco todos somos iguales Te ves bonita con tu swing salvaje Sigue bailando que pa' eso te traje Si te dan ganas de bailar, pues dale En esta disco todos somos iguales Te ves bonita con tu swing salvaje Sigue bailando que pa' eso te traje Si necesita' reggaetón, dale Sigue bailando, mami, no pare' Acércate a mi pantalón, dale Vamo' a pegarno' como animales Si necesita reggaetón, dale Sigue bailando, mami, no pare Acércate a mi pantalón, dale Vamo' a pegarno' como animales Y yo hoy estoy aquí imaginando Sexy baila y me deja con las ganas Y yo hoy estoy aquí imaginándolo Sexy baila y me deja con las ganas Que bien te queda a ti esa faldita Ella es señora, no es señorita Sexy baila y me deja con las ganas Como te luces cuando lo meneas Cuanto quisiera hacerte el amor Enséñame lo que sabes Si necesita' reggaetón, dale Sigue bailando, mami, no pare' Acércate a mi pantalón, dale Vamo' a pegarno' como animales Si necesita reggaetón, dale Sigue bailando, mami, no pare Acércate a mi pantalón, dale Vamo' a pegarno' como animales One, two, three Leggo' J Balvin, man, the business Sky, Rompiendo El Bajo Mosty (Leggo') Bull Nene, fame Kenedy (leggo' leggo' leggo') Ginza (leggo' leggo' leggo') C'mon (leggo' leggo' leggo') Reggae-Reggaetón, dale dale #JBalvin #Ginza 🤍

ALMAS - GIZA (Official Music Video) Prod By Alfy / الماس - جيزة


ALMAS - GIZA Listen now: 🤍 Lyrics: ف خناقه ف وسط الجيزا ميغركش شكل الڤيزا مفيش في جيبي بريزا الشغل واقف حالة طينه تلفوني باظ دي الميزه جت في الحديد اه سليمه وقعت انا وسط ديلرز عاملين دماغ عاليه طينه صدقني يما اتعملي كمين ها افترو عليا مش بتاعتي السكينه صحاب طلعو سو و لبست الجريمه عرفت معدنهم في الحلقه الاخيره هي فوضه و الدنيا داير مايدور علي مين دا الحكم عليا شهور هتشوفوا الويل كتير حكم سنين بالدور ‏My life is movie و انتو فيها الحضور كانت ولعه بالفاير فاير فاير جيت اطفيتها بمايه عشان ملقتش الطفايا ‏ I’m higher شت مفعول الحباه فقت بلسعه ف قفايا امي عرفت و روايه شقلطتني ل بابايا ف خناقه ف وسط الجيزا ميغركش شكل الڤيزا مفيش في جيبي بريزا الشغل واقف حالة طينه تلفوني باظ دي الميزه جت في الحديد اه سليمه وقعت انا وسط ديلرز عاملين دماغ عاليه طينه استيكا استيكا استيكا غالين غالين و بعيد عن العين شاري شاري بفوز انا بالجيم تاني تاني اجيب فلوس منين عادي عادي و هشقهم نصين Follow Almas 🤍 Producer: 🤍 Directors: 🤍 (🤍 & 🤍 ) Dop: 🤍 Dancer: 🤍 Post production house: 🤍 Post producer: 🤍 Editor: 🤍 Assistant editor: 🤍 Color house: 🤍 Colorist: 🤍 Typographer: 🤍 Hair stylist: 🤍 Stylist: 🤍 Assistant stylist: 🤍 Wardrobe: 🤍 Glasses: 🤍 Mua: 🤍 Music producer / mixing & mastering: 🤍 & 🤍 Digital Distribution: 🤍 Social media: 🤍 Artist Manager: 🤍 #Almas #الماس #جيزة

stand up tylko dla doroslych abelard giza


stand up tylko dla doroslych abelard giza

The Giza Pyramid Maths


Hey Hunters, Not only are the Pyramids of Giza impressively big, they are crazily precise and hold some history questioning mathematical enigmas. For more click here to watch the whole documentary - 🤍?ref=jamesjahannah 🤍 to Join the Band! #ancienttechnology #giza #egypt #pyramid

Pyramids of Giza Walking Tour (4K/60fps)


Since there are no primary sources regarding the pyramids, any information presented during the walk regarding their age and original function is based on theory and not to be taken as fact. This was filmed starting at 8:30am on January 20th, 2019. 🎧For an even more immersive experience, be sure to put on your headphones and listen in 3D audio. 🗺️Map of the Walk - 🤍 📢 𝗣𝗹𝗲𝗮𝘀𝗲 𝗦𝘂𝗯𝘀𝗰𝗿𝗶𝗯𝗲! 📢 - 🤍 🔷 Help with a donation! - 🤍 🔷 🔶 Support me on Patreon - 🤍 🔶 🟥 Become a Member - 🤍 🟥 ▼▼Video Timeline Links▼▼ 0:00 Intro and Map 1:14 - Mortuary Temple of Khafre 2:43 - Pyramid of Khafre 22:21 - Pyramid of Khufu 24:00 - Eastern Cemetery 1:07:10 - Horse Ride Timelapse 1:09:04 - Pyramid of Menkaure 1:29:35 - Khafre Causeway 1:36:40 - Sphinx 🔷THE EQUIPMENT I USE🔷 Amazon Storefront: 🤍 🎥Camera1: Gopro Hero 10 🤍 🎬Gimbal1: INKEE Falcon Plus 🤍 🦯Camera Monopod: 🤍 🎥Camera2: Sony a7siii: 🎬Gimbal2: DJI Ronin S2 🎤Microphone: 🤍 🎧In-Ear Monitors: 🤍 🎦Drone: 🤍 Let's connect: ►Facebook: 🤍 ►Instagram: 🤍 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►E-mail: travel🤍 No part of this video may be used for personal or private use without written permission from Prowalk Tours. #Prowalktours #Walkingtour #Pyramids

आखिर पिरामिड क्यों और कैसे बने थे | Great Pyramid of Giza Unsolved Mysteries


Great Pyramid of Giza Unsolved Mysteries Ancient Egypt Ancient Egypt was a civilization of ancient North Africa, concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile River, situated in the place that is now the country Egypt. The Great Pyramid of Giza The Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex bordering present-day Giza in Greater Cairo, Egypt. It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact. Orion correlation theory The basis of this theory concerns the proposition that the relative positions of three main Ancient Egyptian pyramids on the Giza plateau was by design correlated with the relative positions of the three stars in the constellation of Orion which make up Orion's Belt, as these stars appeared in 10,000 BC. Star Shaft Theory Badawy suggested that the shafts pointed to Orion's Belt during the period of the construction of the Giza pyramid complex. It is thought that these openings were perhaps "air vents" for mummies or built to point to certain stars at the date of the pyramids construction. Pyramid Power Plant Theory Pyramid power refers to the belief that the ancient Egyptian pyramids and objects of similar shape can confer a variety of benefits. Dendera light The Dendera light is a motif carved as a set of stone reliefs in the Hathor temple at Dendera in Egypt, which superficially resemble modern electric lighting devices.

अरे बाप रे , दुनिया का सबसे पहला अजूबा ! Giza Pyramids in Egypt @Arbaaz Vlogs 1st Part


*iOS link* 👇 🤍 *Website. 👇* 🤍 *MMRTrip on social media* *YouTube Channel*👇 🤍 *Facebook* 🤍 *Instagram* 🤍 *Twitter* 🤍 *LinkedIn* 🤍 #gizapyramid #pyramid 🤍 🤍 #arbaazvlogs #arbaazinegypt महान गीजा पिरामिड  दुनिया के सात अजूबों में शामिल मिस्र का ग्रेट गीजा पिरामिड इस लिस्ट में सबसे ऊपर है. इसका सदियों पुराना इतिहास और इसकी बनावट अाज भी सभी को हैरान कर देती है. आइए जानें गीजा पिरामिड से जुड़े कुछ मजेदार तथ्य : - दुनिया के 7 अजूबों में गीजा का महान पिरामिड सबसे पुराना है. - यह पिरामिड 2560 ईसा पूर्व के करीब बनवाया गया था. यह 3, 800 सालों से दुनिया की सबसे ऊंची बनावट है. - प्राचीन मिस्र के कुफू पिरामिड को महान गीजा पिरामिड के नाम से जाना जाता है. इसकी लंबाई 481 फुट (146 मीटर) है. - गीजा पिरामिड का बेस (आधार) 55,000 m2 (592,000 स्क्वायर फुट) है. इसका एक-एक कोना 20,000 m2 (218, 000 स्क्वायर फुट) क्षेत्र में बना है. - महान पिरामिड में लगभग 2,300,000 पत्थर ब्लॉक्स का इस्तेमाल हुआ था जिनका वजन करीब 50 टन है. - मिस्र के ये महान पिरामिड ऐसी जगह बने हैं कि इन्हें इजराइल के पहाड़ों से भी देखा जा सकता है और माना जाता है कि ये चांद से भी दिखते हैं. - इसमें 2.3 मिलियन लाइमस्टोन ब्लॉक्स और ग्रेनाइट पत्थर लगे हैं. सबसे बड़ा ग्रेनाइट पत्थर राजा के चैम्बर में मिला था जिसका वजन 25 से 80 टन है. - यह पिरामिड 10 से 20 सालों में बनकर तैयार हुए. इसे मिस्र के राजा फराओ कुफू ने बनवाया था.



Giza family.GIZA04.23 曲名:Giza01 Gizaの日常〜感じ取ったリリックになる。 聞けばわかる、そして繋がる。 🤍giza04.23 【歌詞】 匠の話術でclosing マウントとってflowting 人混み避けてwalking 仲間と一緒にsmoking 匠の話術でclosing マウントとってflowting 人混み避けてwalking 仲間と一緒にsmoking 年老うごと勘繰る頭 都内は罰 田舎行こうか マイナスイオン感じてぇな 俺らの世界勘ぐりレーダー 傍から見れば様子悪いか 気にしてらんない他人なんか 追い込みすぎてover摂取 記憶も曖昧でも大丈夫 iPhoneいらない俺らのstory 体で感じ仲間と残せ 人生一回シガラミ捨てて やりたい事こなしてるだけで 匠の話術でclosing マウントとってflowting 人混み避けてwalking 仲間と一緒にsmoking 匠の話術でclosing マウントとってflowting 人混み避けてwalking 仲間と一緒にsmoking 仲間とセッションぶっ飛ぶだけで 空気入れるな外部の奴ら ワクワクすんな時代の変化 怖くはない 戦うだけだ 別れもあった仕方なかった イケてる仲間にほんとに感謝 その分過去より強くもなれた 引く気はない貫き通す 尻軽女 近寄って来んな 抱いてる暇ないお前なんか 言うこと聞くなら構ってやるさ SBいくら? 行き交う現場 匠の話術でclosing マウントとってflowting 人混み避けてwalking 仲間と一緒にsmoking 匠の話術でclosing マウントとってflowting 人混み避けてwalking 仲間と一緒にsmoking

Hejt w Internecie! (NOWOŚĆ, 2022) Abelard Giza


#Kabaret #Kabaret2022 #nowaki Hejt w Internecie! (NOWOŚĆ, 2022) Abelard Giza (NOWOŚĆ, 2022) (PREMIERA 2022!)

Young Giza - KARMA | يانج جيزة - كارما (PROD BY MUSV)


Written and performed by  🤍YOUNG GIZA  . Follow Young Giza from here: 🤍 Produced by Musv Connect with Musv from here: 🤍 MGMT: Dxsofa Follow Dxsofa from here: 🤍 Mixing and mastering by Moh Fayek Follow MohFayek from here: 🤍 Graphic designer: Molly follow Moly from here: 🤍  🤍Etegah Production  creation: Follow Etegah Production from here: 🤍 © 2022 Etegah Production All Rights Reserved. young giza karma #Younggiza #karma #rap #hiphop #music #younggiza #musicrapper #musicrap #musv #Etegah

Giza - COMME PERSONNE (Clip officiel)


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Tour Inside The Great Pyramid | Ancient Presence


In this video, we take you on a tour inside of the Great Pyramid, one of the most magnificent monuments ever created. We explore the mysterious inner realm inside the pyramid & show you the most interesting features inside, many of which are highly controversial. In this rare footage you'll get to see just how beautiful it looks up close in person. We hope you enjoy the tour :) Thanks for joining us on our adventures in Egypt! Please Like, Share, and Subscribe to help this content go far. Contact: AncientPresenceVideo🤍 Support us on Patreon: 🤍 Singing in the kings chamber: 🤍 Casey's Music (The Living Library): 🤍 Casey's Website: LINKS TO GREAT RESEARCH: Videos: New Scan Pyramids Research: 🤍 Ancient Architects Channel: Khufu Graffiti Fact or Forgery - 🤍 Air Shafts - 🤍 Al Mamun Entrance - 🤍 Pit Beneath Kings Chamber - 🤍 Ark Of the Covenant - 🤍 Secret Door in the Kings Chamber - 🤍 More Secret Door Stuff - 🤍 Tunnel In Kings chamber Passage - 🤍 An Elevator In The Great Pyramid Of Egypt - 🤍 Other Videos: The Boss Theory - 🤍 PDFs: “The Pyramids and Temples of Gizeh”, Petrie, W.M. Flinders, London, 1883 🤍 “Our Inheritance in the Great Pyramid”, Piazzi Smyth, W. Isbister, London, 1880. 🤍 “Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt” Dunn, Christopher, 2010 🤍 “The Great Pyramid: Its' Scientific Features” Edgar, Morton, 1924 🤍 “Great Pyramid Passages”, John and Morton Edgar, 1910 🤍 “The Great Pyramid of Giza: Decoding the Measure of a Monument” Schmitz, Eckhart (Speculation about the Pyramid Measurements) 🤍 “About Scan Pyramids”: 🤍 Websites: 🤍 (scientific report about the investigation of the so-called "air shafts”)

Egypt fire: Dozens dead in Giza Coptic church - BBC News


Dozens of people have died after a fire broke out at a church in Egypt, many of them crushed during a desperate scramble to escape. Officials said the number of dead is at least 41, with dozens injured. Children are believed to be among the dead. An electrical fire broke out as 5,000 worshippers gathered for Mass at the Coptic Abu Sifin church in the city of Giza, security sources told Reuters. The fire blocked an entrance, causing a stampede, they said. Fire services said the blaze has been brought under control. Please subscribe HERE 🤍 #Egypt #BBCNews



Intervista agli autori del libro che demolisce la "versione ufficiale" dell'egittologia sulla storia e sull'origine delle Piramidi. Trasmesso da nei giorni 4-11 marzo 2020. (Il libro è disponibile esclusivamente su 🤍

Unseen Egypt: Discovering GIZA & Egyptian Nightlife! أجنبي يستكشف الجيزة Travel Vlog


In this video I decided to check out the less touristy side of the Nile - Giza! We also went on a quest to discover what Egyptian nightlife is all about. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING Keep up with my travels! Instagram: 🤍 Snapchat: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 MY EQUIPMENT: DJI Pocket 2 Gimbal Camera: 🤍 DJI Action 2 Camera: 🤍 DJI Mini 2 Drone: 🤍 All of my gear: 🤍 Music: Epidemic Sound. Get a 30 day free trial here! 🤍 Kronicle - Chill Noons Soundcloud - 🤍 Track: Steve Hartz - Never Get Old [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: 🤍 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 #تحيا_مصر #egypt #cairo #travelvlog #middleeast #solotravel #travelvlogger #islamic #giza #streetfood #nightlife #syrianfood #الشارع #السيسي

Mystery of Great Pyramid of Giza | Egyptian History | Full Story | Hindi


Aaj humne baat kari hai " The Great Pyramid of Giza " ki aur janne ki koshish kari hai akhir kese Ancient Egyptians logo ne itne bade MEGA CONSTRUCTION ko anjaam diya. follow me Instagram - 🤍akashh_pandey - 🤍 🤍fizzyfactstv - 🤍 Thumbnail Art By - Design Hour - 🤍 ❌ DISCLAIMER ❌ This video is only for educational and entertainment purposes. The Clips and Pictures shown in the video are only for explanation. I do not own any right to the footage used and credit to the respected owner or creator. This episode of MAFIA MONEY was inspired by BAD BOY BILLIONAIRE, a show on NETFLIX. for any credit or query please contact my on - fizzyfactstv🤍 Thank You for watching - Do Subcribe | Like | Share ❤️ #giza #pyramid #cairo #egypt #egyptianhistory

Climbing the Great Pyramid of Giza (146 metres)


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Part II: Lost Scriptures of Giza...Enochian Secrets


This is Part 2 of The Lost Scriptures of Giza: Enochian Mysteries of the World’s Oldest Texts. Part 1 can be found at this link- 🤍 “When the human mind is stretched by a new idea, it can never go back to its original dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes Archaix Store & Link Index: website- 🤍 Support Archaix with Buy Me a Coffee and leave me a comment- 🤍 or PayPal at 🤍 or$JasonArchaix, or donate via Zelle to Jason Breshears, to email ophisys🤍, or Venmo at 🤍Jason-Breshears-4 1200 Books Studied by Jason 🤍 Gallery of 400 Books Recommended by Jason 🤍 Archaix Super Pack [5500 pgs] 🤍 Chronicon Pack [1500 pgs] 🤍 Color Charts & Index [Phoenix & Anunna Chronology 🤍 337 Archaix Charts of Chronology & History 🤍 250 Memes of Wisdom, Mystery & Magic 🤍 41 Phoenix Videos Download 🤍 46 Anunna Files Videos download 🤍 Published Books [authored by Jason] The Lost Scriptures of Giza: Enoch and the Secret of the World’s Oldest Texts: 🤍 When the Sun Darkens [Phoenix] 🤍 Nostradamus and the Planets of Apocalypse [Phoenix] 🤍 Shocking Secrets of Antiquity: Racial Wars of Bronze Age, Unusual Artifacts, Technolithic Engineering & the Two Cataclysms that Buried History [Phoenix/Nemesis X Object] 🤍 Return of the Fallen Ones: Nephilim Histories & Anunnaki Chronology 🤍 Giants on Ancient Earth: An In-Depth Study on the Nephilim 🤍 Anunnaki Homeworld: Orbital History and 2046 Return of Planet NIBIRU 🤍 Unpublished Manuscripts Awaken the Immortal Within- 🤍 King of the Giants pdf 🤍 Forgotten Earth: Cities, Prophecies and Giants Before the Flood pdf 🤍 On the Origin of Demons pdf- 🤍 Chronotecture: Lost Science of Prophetic Engineering pdf 🤍 UFOs Identfied: Archeology & Evidence of Angelic Evolution: 🤍 Earth’s End from the Beginning: Counterfeit Apocalypse: 🤍 Archaix Telegram board - 🤍 Video Transcriptions website- 🤍 🤍 🤍 by Dino 🤍 Adam Archaix Facebook Group- 🤍 Archaix Data on Phoenix Phenomenon Facebook Page 🤍 Podia Store [NEW] - 🤍



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