Galaxy's edge haul

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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Haul *I GOT THE BLACK KYBER CRYSTAL!!!*


Hey guys! In this video, I show you guys what I got at Disney's Star Wars Galaxy's Edge! Let me know what you think in the comments below about the video!

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Haul and Overall Thoughts


Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Haul and Overall Thoughts 🤍 Facebook group - 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 Don't forget to join gamerfuzion 🤍 to Empower your Gaming! Follow us: Website: 🤍 Twiiter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 #StarWarsGalaxysEdge

Galaxy's Edge Haul Video: How Much Money Did We Spend?


In our Galaxy's Edge haul video, we finally take a look at all of the merchandise we’ve bought in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (at Disneyland and Walt Disney World) over our almost two dozen trips to Batuu. This includes lightsabers, droids, creatures, toys and more. ​How much money did we spend in Black Spire Outpost? We calculate the total amount of money and the results may shock you! $199.99 custom lightsaber $12.99 each x 5 = $64.95 Kyber Crystals $49.99 Lightsaber Sheath $109.99 Darth Vader lightsaber $109.99 Rey Lightsaber $129.99 Luke Skywalker Lightsaber $34.99 Data Storage Unit USB $16.99 Sabacc card game $69.99 Kowakian Monkey-Lizard $19.99 Black Spire Outpost Galactic Postcards $29.99 BSO Millenium Falcon Ornament $2 tote bag $32 Cliff Dweller $42 Yub-Nub $10 Patch $24.99 Bubo Wamba Family Farms Souvenir milk jug $99.99 Droid $7.99 decals $17.99 tray set $12.99 tools set $12.99 personality chip $149.99 DJ Rex $74.99 R2-D2 Serving bowl Not Included: $5.50 (now $6) Cokes $100.00 Batuuan Spira (each) Annual Pass (aka park tickets) Hotel Gas Food/Drinks The videos we mention in this video are: Building a lightsaber - 🤍 Building a Droid - 🤍 Oga’s Cantina - 🤍 Ridiculous Merch - 🤍 Here are the lightsaber wall hangers I mention in the video: 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our weekly adventures to theme parks, movie events, magic, tabletop and more. Get Ordinary Adventures t-shirts and merch! 🤍 DON'T Click This Link: 🤍 - Sony a6400 mirrorless camera body only 🤍 - Sony e-mount 10-18mm f4 oss wise angle lens 🤍 - Sigma 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary Lens 🤍 - Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount 🤍 - Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod 🤍 - Peter's day bag 🤍 Music: Epidemic Sound E-mail: peter🤍 We love getting mail ✉️, if you would like to send us something please send it to: Ordinary Adventures 8149 Santa Monica Blvd #191 West Hollywood, CA 90046 Follow our daily adventures on social media: * Peter 🤍 🤍 * Kitra 🤍 🤍 * Pixel 🤍 * Gizmo 🤍

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Hunting! Went on a shopping spree, BIGGEST HAUL EVER!!!


August 29th was Opening Day at Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge and being the huge Star Wars fan that I am.. I had to go on a shopping spree. I could not resist the power of the Collecting Side! Check out the hunt for more Star Wars Collectibles and my BIGGEST HAUL EVER!!! Thanks for watching! Follow us on: Website: 🤍 The Marvelous Statues Group - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Google Plus - 🤍 Youtube Channel: 🤍 I love to receive mail: Jorge Medina PO Box 211652 West Palm Beach, FL 33421 Donations are used for future giveaways to the community! #galaxysedge #starwars #disney #mce #marvelousstatues #starwarsweekends

New merchandise haul from Galaxy’s Edge! May 2022


There is soo much new Galaxy's Edge merchandise here's a look at just what I bought! There is soo much more to talk about in a future video too! Today I look at Dok Ondar mystery crates, Ahoska Tano Robe and Belt, Camtono Case, Baby Sarlacc Piggy Bank, new Scrap Metal for Savi's Sabers, a Navy Droid Personality chip, and more! Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 New Discord! 🤍 The Dan-O Channel PO Box 50417 Henderson NV 89016-50417 *SUPPORT THE DAN-O CHANNEL BY USING THE LINKS BELOW* Shirts on Teespring: 🤍 Dan-O Channel Hats & T-Shirts: 🤍 Get a free 30-day trial on Audible and get FREE Star Wars Books: 🤍 Dan-O's gift guide on Amazon: Affiliate Link 🤍 (UK shoppers use 🤍 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Imperial Sabers Affiliate Link: 🤍 Check out my EBAY shop: 🤍 Use TubeBuddy to track your own youtube analytics 🤍 LET'S BE FRIENDS! : Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Google+: 🤍 Disneyland Shirts with photos by Dan-O: 🤍 Join Dollar Shave Club: 🤍 Get $5 off your first order!

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Haul 2021!


Come hang out with us as we show you all of the awesome merchandise we picked up on our last trip to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World in Orlando Florida! We brought home droids, holograms, lightsabers, and even rancor teeth! We visited DDok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities, Savi’s workshop, Toydarian Toymaker, Creature Stall, Oga's Cantina, and Mobu's droid depot! Please Subscribe to Support our Channel! Our Official Galaxy's Edge Smuggler for Sabers and Merchandise 🤍 Link to Buy Galaxy's Edge Merchandise on Amazon 🤍 Our Adventures from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Building a Savi's Workshop Lightsaber at Galaxy's Edge 2021 🤍 8 reasons to SKIP the Reopening of Disneyland/Galaxy's Edge! 🤍 We Found A Custom Galaxy's Edge Lightsaber Blade! 🤍 Star Wars Rise of the Resistance Opening Scroll 🤍 Galaxy's Edge Darksaber Review! 🤍 Princess Leia Organa Legacy Lightsaber Review 🤍 Our Converted Luke Skywalker Neopixel Lightsaber 🤍 #galaxysedge #starwars #savisworkshop



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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Haul #7 Darth Maul Legacy Sabers and More


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STAR WARS GALAXY'S EDGE HAUL | So many pins & more!


Hey guys Corey here! Today we have some new Disney pins from Star Wars galaxy's edge! I just got back from Disneyland and have a whole bunch of new pins to share that I got on that trip! If you want to see what we got up to in Disneyland be sure to follow along with the channel below! 🤍 -Corey Fiasconaro Haleys Haul | 🤍 Love Pin Unboxings? Here's a bunch more :) Sleeping Beauty 60th: 🤍 Coco Character Connection: 🤍 Small World: 🤍 Mickey's 90th: 🤍 Retired Boxes: 🤍 Aristocats Character Connection: 🤍 Toy Story Land Pins: 🤍 Hong Kong Disneyland: 🤍 Big Hero 6 Character Connection: 🤍 Chinese Zodiac Pins: 🤍

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Haul #2 The Return Visit


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Shopping At Dok Ondar's in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge 2022


I took a quick look inside of Dok Ondar's Den of Antiquities in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge to see what kind of new Merchandise they had! Let me know in the comments which item was your favorite! *Please Subscribe to Support Our Channel* EPIC! Galactic Starcruiser Merchandise Haul! 🤍 Galactic Starcruiser Room Tour! Standard Room w/5th Sleeper 🤍 *Exclusive* Galactic Starcruiser Training Legacy Lightsaber 🤍 All Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Exclusive Clothing Review! 🤍 Galactic Starcruiser Lightsaber Training Shield Review! 🤍 Galaxy's Edge Jedi Temple Guard Lightsaber Review 🤍 Darth Maul Shadow Galaxy's Edge Lightsaber Review 🤍 #starwars #lightsaber #disneyland #starwarsfan #youtuber #disneyparks #disney #maytheforcebewithyou #youtubeshorts #lightsabers #starwarsday #blackspireoutpost #batuu #darthvader #darthmaul #rey #themepark #disney #disneymerch

My Galaxy’s Edge Haul


This is the stuff I bought in Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland. Stick around till the end to see how much $ I spent. don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel for more Star Wars content, all the time! 🤍 Thanks for watching! And as always, may the force be with you. Follow me on: Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

The Book of Boba Fett shopping haul! | Galaxy's Edge Vlog


A New Legacy Lightsaber, & Droids arrive at Galaxy's Edge just in time for The Book of Boba Fett, which premiers Dec 29th to Disney +. We had to fill the anticipation with a Star Wars shopping spree at Disneyland & Galaxy's Edge. We found and bought way more than could foresee with the force, but surprises are fun, and this day was nothing short of pure Star Wars fandom fun! Welcome Aboard Flight Crew 🚀 Chapters: Star War shopping haul: 0:00 NEW at the Trading Post : 0:31 Wonderground Gallery SAGA artwork: 3:05 Darth Maul Legacy Lightsaber: 5:15 More Outpost Exploring: 8:06 Sandcrawler & Boba Fett's Throne: 11:32 Heading to Galaxy's Edge: 12:17 Rey has the HIGH GROUND: 16:38 Ash joins Kylo Ren...AGAIN! : 17:54 Dok Ondars Lightsaber Updates: 20:44 Ash gets her Obi-wan Jedi Robes: 21:38 We bought a Battle Droid ROGGER Roger: 22:31 Boba Fett finds in Star Traders: 24:00 Sand Crawler Playset: 25:37 Shopping Haul Success: 26:36 Follow us on Instagram & TikTok 🤍AshandBryan & 🤍makingyourownmagic #alwaysbelieve #galaxysedge #thebookofbobafett 🔸Follow us on Instagram 🤍 🤍 If you have fun things you want to share with Ash and Bryan, Here is our PO Box Address: 🚀 Always Believe 254 N Lake Ave #218 Pasadena, CA 91101 📷 New Vlog Camera: 🤍 🔴 Current Camera Gear: Home Vlog Camera: 🤍 Camera: 🤍 Lens: 🤍 Microphone: 🤍 Vlogging Tripod: 🤍 *We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Music Licensed from Epidemic Sound Music: 🤍 Lo-Fi Music used with permission from Closed on Sunday.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Haul #4 Peace and Justice


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Most Ridiculous Things To Buy in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge


Disney has loaded Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge with a ton of prop replicas that only hardcore Star Wars fans might recognize and buy. We take a look at the ten most ridiculous and obscure items sold at Galaxy's Edge. Note: this doesn't include ridiculously priced merch, like the $25,000 custom full-size R2-D2, but more obscure items. Our list includes: * Resistance MRE, which is a reproduction of the Rebel MRE kit that Luke Skywalker can be seen eating out of on Dagobah in Empire Strikes Back. * The Resistance Data Key, a USB key replica of the data storage unit that Lor San Tekka presents to Poe Dameron at the beginning of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. * Maz Kanata Statue, a replica of the big Maz statue that is seen above her castle in The Force Awakens. * Yoda's Illuminator, this is the light source that Luke Skywalker has with him when he lands on Dagobah in Empire Strikes Back. Yoda becomes fascinated with it and has an altercation with R2-D2. * Temple Gaurd Mask. a mask of the mysterious guards seen only in the Star Wars animated shows. * Syndulla Family Kalikori, a life size prop replica of an item that appeared at the end of Star Wars Rebels, a revered Twi'lek heirloom passed from parent to child through generations that Thrawn gets his hands on. Jedi Food Capsules: The little pen cap looking things that can be seen on the belts of Jedi Knights in the Star Wars prequels. Chance Cubes: Watto uses a chance cube to decide the fate of Anikan in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Now instead of flipping a coin, you can use your own chance cubes to decide between two different paths. Imperial Credit: A gold prop replica of the currency in the Star Wars galaxy. It has been seen in the games, the animated series and even briefly in a blink and you'll miss it scene in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, but as far as we know the exact prop this is replicating has never appeared in any Star Wars live-action film yet. There is some speculation online it could appear in The Mandalorian. Japor Snippet Necklace: Young Anikan Skywalker gives Padme a necklace he made out of Japor Snippet. and tells her it should bring her good fortune. Now you can own it! Was there any other ridiculous merchandise we missed in Galaxy's Edge? Let us know in the comments below! We made a Part 2 for this video, watch it here: 🤍 Follow our daily adventures on social media: * Peter is 🤍Slashfilm on Instagram & Twitter 🤍 🤍 * Kitra is 🤍Kitra on Instagram & Twitter 🤍 🤍 * Pixel is 🤍ThatFrenchiePixel on Instagram 🤍 * Gizmo is 🤍ThatPomGizmo on Instagram 🤍

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Haul #5 Legacy Sabers and More


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Am I a Disney Adult? // Disneyland & Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge haul!


Alternative title: watch me rant about how much I love Star Wars for 25 minutes... Hi everyone! Today's video is a little different. I went to Disneyland at the beginning of June and I picked up quite a few items and although not anime-related, I thought I'd share them with you! Have you guys ever been to Disneyland or any of the Disney Parks? I hope you all enjoy this week's video! Gwyn ITEMS MENTIONED Assorted Disneyland Pins Starbucks Nevarro Mug 🤍 Starbucks Naboo Mug 🤍 Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Jacket 🤍 Ahsoka Tano Legacy Saber Clone Wars Ver. My PO Box is now open!! Gwyn Collects PO Box 82052 Yellowbird PO Edmonton AB T6J 7E6 Canada Chat with me on Discord via the Broke n' Figures Discord! 🤍 Connect with me on Instagram and Twitter! 🤍Gwyn_collects My Figure Collection: 🤍 I've started a Tiktok! 🤍 For business inquiries ONLY: gwyncollects🤍 TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro and some pics of baby Gwyn :P 2:57 Pins galore! 8:22 Glassware and some overpriced drinks 12:19 Cute little ornament 12:48 Just me gushing about Star Wars lol 13:33 Skip to here to avoid Rise of the Resistance spoilers 13:35 My cool new jacket and patches! 17:41 My NEW lightsabers!!! 24:18 Outro! #starwars #haul #disneyland

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Haul #3 Turning to the Dark Side


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We are back from our Valentines Day trip to Disney! We bought so much stuff and we wanted to share our spoils! Plus we went to Galaxy’s edge so stay tuned for some footage! Also check out my Tik Tok! If you enjoyed this video, give it a Like and Subscribe! Don't forget to hit the notification bell for more content! As always; stay girly, but with a dark twist! Australia is on fire and we want to spread some awareness! Over 1 Billion animals have already died or been displaced because of the fires in Australia. I have attached a link to donate directly to the fire departments and relief organizations in New South Wales and Victoria County Australia. Please donate to help get these fires under control and to save the wildlife. 🤍 🤍 FURTALK HATS: 🤍 15% OFF PROMOCODE: DABEAUTY INSYLISH NOT BASIC EYEBRUSH SET: 🤍 10 % OFF PROMOCODE: DARKANGEL Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Watch my Tik Toks! 🤍 Equipment: Camera: Nikon D3300 Lens: Nikon 18mm - 55mm zoom lens Audio: Zoom H6 Portable Recorder Audio: Audio-Technica AT875R Shotgun Mic Ring Light: Neewer Ring Light Kit

STAR WARS Galaxy's Edge Merchandise Review - Batuu LOOT HAUL!


You asked for it and you got it! Check out our haul from DAY ONE on Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland. Everything from mugs to pins to costume pieces. We were incredibly blown away by all that Batuu had to offer in terms of Star Wars merch. Til’ the Spire! #starwarsgalaxysedgemerchandise #disneylandvlog #alwaysbelieve Music Licensed from Epidemic Sound Like , Subscribe, and Comment below! Let us know what YOU loved about Galaxy's Edge, and what else you would like us to film for you on our next adventures.

HUGE Disney World Haul! Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge | Disney Springs 2021


1080 quality always available! Hey loves I’m back from our vacation and I’m so excited to get back to routine again! I hope you enjoy and please don’t forget to like and subscribe! If there is something that caught your eye, comment below and I will get back to you with that info! Love you all and we’ll see you next time! There are some things that are available on shop Disney!⬇️ 🤍 QUESTIONS! What was your favorite souvenir? What’s your favorite Disney park? What’s your favorite Disney character? What video would you want to see next? ♡ Follow me on Social Media ♡ Intsagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Smule: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 ♡Watch more of my videos here!⬇️ Pack with me: 🤍 Nursery Tour: 🤍 Clean with me! 🤍 Music used:(I do not own the rights) •Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer music! 🤍 •IMovie soundtracks •Star Wars sad medley Fredji life 🤍 #disneyworld #disneymom #disneyhaul #shopdisney #wolrdofdisney #disneysprings #disneyorlando #cute #shopping #disneyworldhaul #momlife #youtube #youtuber #awesome #makeup #pretty #instagood #romantic #mua #instainfluencer #howto #tutorials

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Merch Haul


I've returned from a smuggling mission to Galaxy's Edge at Batu. THe shops were surprisingly empty, but I managed to get some of what I wanted, and some things that were not expected. Subscribe to become an Acolyte and hit that subscription bell so you'll always be notified when I post! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! TikTok: 🤍 #lightsaberspinning #tensecondlightsaberreview

My Disney Galaxy's Edge Haul!


In this video I introduce some of the Disney Galaxy's Edge items I got because they were recently made available on Disney's online store. See below for links. 00:00 Intro 01:10 Kowakian Monkey-Lizard 09:46 Droopy McCool's Flute 13:33 Worrt 15:58 Dejarik Chess Set Kowakian Monkey-Lizard: 🤍 Droopy McCool Chidinkalu Flute: 🤍 Worrt: 🤍 Dejarik Chess Set: 🤍 Here is the Star Wars Checkers Set I designed for 3D printing: 🤍

Galaxy Edge Haul


Here is my haul video for everything I bought in Galaxy Edge! If you like this video and want to see more the please: Hit the subscribe 🍻🍻🍻 Hit the notification bell 🛎 Like the video 👍 This really supports the channel! Follow me on Instagram 🤍straight_outta_coruscant #starwars #hasbro #disney #hasbrostarwars #thevintagecollection #themandalorian #milleniumfalcon #disneypins #disneyworld #galaxyedge #batuu #droidfactory #droids #mystery

We Found The Most Exciting Things To Buy In Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a wonderland of toys and merch for Star Wars fans, young and old. Here are all of the best things to buy inside Disney's newest theme park. MORE STAR WARS: GALAXY'S EDGE CONTENT: The Best 'Star Wars'-Themed Food And Drinks At Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, Disney's Newest Park 🤍 What It's Like To Fly The Millennium Falcon At Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge At Disneyland 🤍 21 Things You Can Do At Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge 🤍 #StarWars #Disneyland #INSIDER INSIDER is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That’s everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It’s smart. It’s fearless. It’s fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: 🤍 INSIDER on Facebook: 🤍 INSIDER on Instagram: 🤍 INSIDER on Twitter: 🤍 INSIDER on Snapchat: 🤍 INSIDER on Amazon Prime: 🤍 INSIDER on Dailymotion: 🤍 We Found The Most Exciting Things To Buy In Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

New Mandalorian & Boba Fett Food & Merch At Disneyland [Galaxy’s Edge Update]


We went back to our favorite place, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland, to explore tons of new Star Wars & Book of Boba Fett merchandise and specialty foods. Thank you to everyone for all of your support and we are looking forward to making lots of fun new videos in 2022! #TheBookofBobaFett #StarWars #Disneyland #GalaxysEdge 00:00 Welcome to Ordinary Adventures! 00:33 The Book of Boba Fett Postcards 04:49 Star Wars Trading Post 05:01 Grogu Apple 06:57 Kitra seeing Disneyland for the first time Galactic Grill: 07:41 Boba Fett Parfait 09:47 Droid Depot 16:02 Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo: Dewback Chili Noodles 20:20 Resistance Outpost Subscribe to 🤍Provost Park Pass for more awesome Star Wars puns! Follow us on TikTok: 🤍ordadventures Music used in this video: "Flowerbed" by Purple Dive "If Love Feels like a Fever" by Particle House 🙏 SUBSCRIBE for more videos! 🤍 👏 Get Bonus Episodes, your name in our videos & more! 🤍 👕 🧢 Buy Ordinary Adventures merch 🤍 🤍 📹 Our video camera & gear: 🤍 (affiliate link) 🎶 Music: 🤍 (affiliate link) ✉️ Send us mail: Ordinary Adventures, 8149 Santa Monica Blvd # 191, West Hollywood, CA 90046 Follow us on social media: 🐦 🤍 📸 🤍 👍 🤍 * Peter 📸 🤍 🐦 🤍 * Kitra 📸 🤍 🐦 🤍

Top 6 Things You Must Buy in Disney's Galaxy's Edge | Rix Top Six


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Galaxy’s Edge Haul 2


Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Haul & Captain R3X Unboxing


Star Wars Galaxy's Edge was such a magical adventure and today I am shareing the merchandise and very special droid that I picked up from black spire outpost! #StarWarsGalaxysEdge #MagicalDay #MyDisneyFamily ✨ Thanks for being a part of the Magic with me! ✨ It means so much to be able to share my love and passion for Disney with you every day! If you enjoy sharing in the magic with me, please do subscribe and click that little bell 🔔 next to the subscribe button so you never miss a moment of the magic! ✨ I love getting mail ✉️, if you would like to send me something please send it to: Michael Kay P.O. Box 83476 Gaithersburg, MD 20883 👍 Facebook: 🤍 📸 Instagram: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 Find my Merch and Equipment I use here: Clothing: Have a Magical Day t-shirt: 🤍 #WavesofDisney Sweatshirt: 🤍 This area is being refurbished T-Shirt: 🤍 Official member of the family shirt: 🤍 The Force is Strong in my family shirt: 🤍 T Waves with Michael Kay T-Shirt: 🤍 Magic Mug: Waves of Disney Mug: 🤍 The Equipment I Use: Backpack I use in the parks: 🤍 SD Cards: 🤍 Lens Holder: 🤍 Snorkle: 🤍 Old Bendy Tripod to carry the Camera: 🤍 GoPro Hero 5 Black (Action Camera): 🤍 Large Tripod: 🤍 Phone Adapter I use to stream: 🤍 Phone Battery Mobile Charger: 🤍 Camera I use - Canon 70D: 🤍 Lens I use on the 70D: 🤍 Microphone I use on my Camera: 🤍 Extra Camera Batteries: 🤍 (I carry 11) Battery Charger: 🤍 5 USB Wall Charger: 🤍 Micro SD Card: 🤍 Manfrotto Mini Tripod: 🤍 Lights I use at home: 🤍 Waves of Disney: Those magical feelings you get as your excitement level grows for Disney. Whether you are planning a big family trip or just walking to your favorite attraction. The Waves of Disney describe the wave of emotions that we get as your excitement for Disney grows and grows.

Galaxy's Edge Merchandise Haul & Review! Star Wars Land!


Welcome everyone to our video about all of the AWESOME Star Wars Galaxy's Edge merchandise and souvenirs!! It was so amazing spending the morning in Star Wars Land in Disneyland and this is one of many videos I will be making about our experience. At the Black Spire Outpost we visited Dog Ondar's Den of Antiquities, the Droid Depot, Kat Saka's Kettle Corn, Jewels of Bith, and the Creature Stall. We brought back with us our very own R2-D2 remote controlled droid, we adopted a Porg, and Landon and I both purchased our very own Legacy Lightsaber belonging to Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker. I have never owned a lightsaber before and it was by far my favorite souvenir! We hope you enjoy the video and please let me know what you thought of it down in the comments. *Please Subscribe to Support Our Channel* Amazon Link to Buy Galaxy's Edge Lightsabers and Merchandise 🤍 Link to Buy Force FX Lightsabers on Amazon 🤍 Our Adventures from Star Wars Galaxy's Edge!! In Disneyland at 6 am Opening Morning Galaxy's Edge! 🤍 Family Ditched me in Galaxy's Edge 🤍 Galaxy's Edge Merchandise Haul 2019 🤍 Our Ride on the Millennium Falcon 🤍 Where to buy Force FX Lightsabers by Hasbro 🤍 #galaxysedge #Lightsaber #disneyland

▲ Galaxy's Edge Haul // Best Stuff for Cosplay


▲ I didn't splash out at Galaxy's Edge but I did get everything I wanted. This was from watching a lot of reviews and hauls from people that were there at opening. Ultimately, I just wanted the stuff that was useful for cosplay. So happy I got a hold of the discontinued Spira. IF YOU'RE NEW. WATCH THIS! 🤍 If this is your first time to my channel feel free to subscribe and hit the bell icon for notifications!! Business inquiries and sponsorship: MakerMaddox🤍 Patreon: 🤍 PayPal: Instagram: 🤍 Podcast: 🤍 My Camera: 🤍 ▲ Hi! I'm Billi Maddox and I'M GONNA MESS THIS UP SO THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO! I use this as my catch phrase because I started this channel so I continue to challenge myself and stay accountable by giving myself a weekly due date. On the Maker Maddox channel I try to work on a tutorial / DIY / how to project every week! At the moment every Thursday, most Tuesdays, and occasionally a Sunday Blog! So, 1 to 3 videos a week but definitely 1 a week. I mostly make stuff with a nerdy slant but they range from bookbinding, sci-fi props, LEGO builds, cosplay and custom collectibles. I'm a found objects guy so a lot of my projects are upcycled and made with things you probably already have around your house. Thanks so much for subscribing and if you ever have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments as I try to get back to everyone. #MakerMaddox

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Haul #6 Completing my Savi Scrap Collection + Extra


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December 2019 Galaxy's Edge Merch Haul!


December 2019 Galaxy's Edge Merch Haul! My favorite Disney World guides: The Unofficial Guide 2019: 🤍 The Disney Dining Guide 2019: 🤍 My video gear: My compact camera: 🤍 My DSLR: 🤍 My handheld tripod: 🤍 My budget stationary tripod: 🤍 - Follow me on Instagram 🤍IvyWinter Follow me on Twitter 🤍IvyWinterYT

Galaxy's Edge Merch Haul - Darth Rage Reviews


Here's the cool merch I picked up on my recent trip to Galaxy's Edge. Stick around to the end for a special peak into my personal life. Subscribe to become an Acolyte and hit that subscription bell so you'll always be notified when I post! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU! TikTok: 🤍 #lightsaberspinning #tensecondlightsaberreview

My Disneyland Batuu Haul | Lightsabers, Collectibles, Cosplays & Souvenirs!


Here is every lightsabers, helmet, prop, and cosplay item that I picked up from Batuu on my trip to Disneyland right before Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2022! Visiting Oga's cantina and Dok-Ondar's den of antiquities were major highlights of the trip and so was picking up the Darth Vader Pyre helmet! I can't wait to go back!

My Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Experience and Haul


New to the channel? Subscribe! ► 🤍 Continuing on with my series about Star Wars Galaxy's Edge in Disneyland, here's casual chat about my personal experiences in the park - complete with my haul! #Disneyland #GalaxysEdge #PixelDan Support the show on Patreon ► 🤍 Music in this video is used with full permission. Izioq on YouTube ► 🤍 Izioq on Bandcamp ► 🤍 Kevin MacLeod ► 🤍 Follow Pixel Dan on Social Media: Twitter ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Instagram ►🤍 Website ► 🤍

10 Most EXPENSIVE Merchandise Items at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge


Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is not only the most immersive land Imagineers have ever built, it also has some the best and most expensive collectibles ever. From custom lightsabers and Jedi robes to a full Stormtrooper outfit or working R2-D2, Galaxy's Edge is a must-visit for Star Wars fans. But that merchandise doesn't come cheap. In this video, we count down the 10 most expensive merchandise you can purchase in Galaxy's Edge. Let us know in the comments which item you'd buy. Videos to Watch Next: Tokyo Disney Merch Haul - 🤍 Savi's Workshop and Droid Depot Review - 🤍 Most Expensive Disney Collectibles - 🤍 If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to like and subscribe for future content! 🤍 *The links below may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, we may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Check out our merch - 🤍 The Official Home of Enchanted Ears - 🤍 Listen to our podcast - 🤍 Connect with Us! Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Patreon - 🤍 Need music licensing for your videos? Check out Artlist - 🤍 Enchanted Ears is the perfect Youtube Channel for any Disney fan. We cover all facets of the Walt Disney Company, from theme parks to TV and movies, in fun, entertaining episodes. Featured Music: Cancel by I Am Fowler #galaxysedge #expensivemerchandise #starwars

EXPENSIVE Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Haul


I spent way more than I would like to admit in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge. I'm pretty sure I spent more in this ONE land, than I did everywhere else COMBINED. For a person who only saw Star Wars for the first time about a month ago, I sure purchased a ton of merchandise. And this friends, is my very expensive star wars galaxy's edge haul Instagram: 🤍 Music: "Space" by XYTHM 🤍

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