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How to Make Onigiri & Homemade Furikake | Japanese Rice Balls | おにぎりとふりかけの作り方


Onigiri are THE snack of Japan. Given that every household in Japan will make these on a daily basis, and they dominate the shelf space in every convenience store, it's a surprise that they aren't more commonly found outside Japan. I think it's because one of the most popular seasonings for onigiri is furikake, and that is often difficult to find outside Japanese grocers. But now you can make your own. Furikake recipe: 🤍 For more like this, follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Musicbed SyncID: MB01WUMMHJ933PD

5 mins each 🍙 6 Easy Onigiri recipes for beginners! Japanese Rice ball


My channel is about easy Japanese cooking outside Japan 🌿 I cook simple and easy Japanese food with ingredients I can buy in Europe. IG: 🤍 Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my channel 💐 I am Yuka, from Japan. In this video, I'm going to show you 6 easy onigiri recipes! Hope it will help you making onigiri outside Japan :) You can check the Ingredients below👇 ■Chapter 0:00 Intro 0:12 What is onigiri? 1:17 What rice you should use 1:55 Tuna × mayo onigiri 3:04 Sesame onigiri 3:39 How to wrap onigiri 4:49 Baked miso onigiri 5:45 Baled cheese onigiri 6:43 Wasabi onigiri 7:25 Olive & cheese onigiri ■Ingredients: (for one onigiri each) ★Tuna & mayo 150g rice 1tbsp tuna 1tbsp mayo 1tbsp soy sauce 1piece of seaweed ★Sesame 150g rice 1tbsp sesame seeds 1/2 tsp salt 1tbsp sesame oil 1tbsp soy sauce 1piece of seaweed ★Baked miso 150g rice 1/2 tbsp miso 1/2 tbsp sesame seeds ★Baked cheese 150g rice 1 tbsp sesame seeds 1/2 tsp bonito powder 1 tbsp soy sauce 1/2 tbsp sesame oil Cheese ★Wasabi 150g rice 2-3cm wasabi 1tbsp sesame seeds 1tbsp soy sauce ★Olive & cheese 150g rice 15g olives 15g cheese #onigiri #Japanesefood #Japaneserecipe Other Easy Japanese Recipes▼ ■Sushi ideas 🤍 ■6 Tofu recipes 🤍 ■7 Japanese side dish recipes 🤍 ■5 Japanese Breakfast recipes 🤍 ■3 Matcha desserts recipes 🤍 ■3 Ramen soup recipes 🤍 ■Okonomiyaki recipes 🤍 ■5 Udon recipes 🤍

How to make ★Onigiri★8 Basic Rice Balls~基本のおにぎりの作り方~(EP77)


Today, I want to share with you, how to make ONIGIRI.  ONIGIRI means rice ball in Japanese.  This is the very basics of Japanese cuisine. At the beginning of October, it’s the season for rice harvest.  We appreciate the newly cropped rice because it tastes special.  New rice has a special meaning to us, because the rice represents “life." I will introduce you to 8 basic ONIGIRI, which you can find anywhere in Japan. Not to mention, use JAPANESE SHORT GRAIN RICE. 🤍 Any short grain rice of your choice would work. See my recommendation on my amazon the store: Ingredients for Onigiri: 🤍 Full recipe: 🤍 How to Cook Perfect Rice: 🤍 Find what you want in the video on Amazon "Kitchen Princess Bamboo The Store" 🤍 ※Kitchen Princess Bamboo earn small amount of commission from the store. The profit is saved for "Give Away"! Facebook 🤍 Instagram 🤍 music:youtube music library It would be nice if you share your photos through social media. Tag me on Instagram @akino_ogata Face Book @kitchenprincessbamboo Sharing output get better skills. Thanks! Love from Japan♡ #princessbamboo#japanesefood#onigiri

Yes, You Can Nail This Japanese Classic: Onigiri | Make This Tonight


"The rice is fluffy, the filling is creamy, and the nori is crunchy! Rika shares her tips for making the perfect homemade Japanese Onigiri right at home. RECIPE: Ingredients: 2 cups (450 grams) Japanese short-grain rice 2 1/3 cups (560 milliliters) water, soft water if possible sea salt (for each onigiri, use 1/5 teaspoon (1 gram) salt 2 sheets nori, each cut into 4 pieces For the filling Tuna Wasabi Mayo Onigiri with Nori 4 2 oz (60g) tuna, canned 3 tablespoon Japanese mayonnaise Sea salt 1 teaspoon wasabi Bonito flakes and sesame oil onigiri 1 pack bonito flakes 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 teaspoon sesame oil Sea salt Equipment Needed: Heavy pot 2 bowls Miso soup cup Chopsticks Method: 1. First, cook the rice. In a bowl, pour fresh water on the rice. Drain the water. 2. Gently rub the rice with your hand. Add water, mix gently, and drain. Repeat this process 4 times. 3. In a pot, add the rice, water, and let it sit for 30 minutes, which will allow the rice to absorb water. 4. Cover with a lid, and bring the pot to a boil over high heat. Once the water starts to boil, turn the heat to low and cook for 13 minutes. Turn off the heat. 5. Make the fillings. For tuna, wasabi and mayo, place the ingredients into the bowl and mix well. For the bonito flakes and sesame oil, mix the bonito flakes, soy sauce, and the sesame oil and mix lightly. 6. To make the Tuna mayo onigiri, wet both hands with water. Apply a pinch of the salt to one hand, then rub it on both hands. 7. Pick up rice, about the size of a tennis ball. Place the tuna mayo inside, gently roll the rice in your hands 7 to 8 times to form it into a triangle. 8. The secret to perfect onigiri is to shape the rice gently as if you are holding something precious in your hands. 9. Place the rice ball in the center of a piece of nori. Fold the nori, and it's done. 10. Do the same with the bonito flakes and sesame oil onigiri. Place two onigiri on a plate. To accompany the onigiri, I recommend you to make 1-minute miso soup. You simply put granulated dashi powder, miso paste, ground sesame seeds, chopped spring onions, and hot water to a cup. Active Time: 15 minutes Total Time: 50 minutes Servings: 4 Anecdotes/Related Tips/Why Should People Make This?: Onigiri, Rice Balls Konnichiwa. I am Rika Yukimasa. I am a cookbook writer, and I flew from Tokyo to be your host for this episode. Today, I am going to introduce you to one of our soul food, Onigiri, the rice balls. They are a savory combination of rice, filling, and nori seaweed. Japanese enjoy the as breakfast, portable lunch and picnic food. There are two essential ingredients for onigiri. Short grain rice and water. The short-grain rice is more moistures and fluffier than the long grain rice. It's best cooked with softer, pure water with less mineral content. When I cook the rice, I use the water pitcher with a filter. You can put any kind of filling in the onigiri. Today, I am making tuna mayo wasabi and the bonito flakes. Let’s get started and grab someone’s heart by cooking delicious onigiri. _ Subscribe to Tastemade: 🤍 LIKE us on Facebook: 🤍 FOLLOW us on Instagram: 🤍 FIND us on Snapchat Discover: 🤍

How to make Tuna Mayo Onigiri rice ball. Easy to find ingredients, easy to follow instructions !


Learn how to make Tuna Mayo onigiri rice ball that taste exactly like the one from Seven Eleven ! Thank you for watching the video💖 ! New video on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please subscribe so that you don't miss anything ! Follow me👇🏻 ! 【Website】 🤍 【Facebook】 🤍 【Instagram】 🤍 【Tripadvisor】 🤍 🤍 🤍

How To make Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls)


If you're a fan of Japanese food and you've never had Onigiri, then it's time to change that. This is a recipe and guide on how to make both typical onigiri and crispy yaki onigiri at home, with an umami rich pork belly filling. No fancy equipment required, easy to replicate, and insanely delicious. Also press "f" to pay respect to me dropping my canon 5d mark IV. I'm still very sad about it. Luckily I got the warranty so it should be coming back very soon, either fully functioning or brand new. Recipe: 🤍 FOLLOW ME: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 - Music - Japanese Delight by Saib: 🤍 -

Binging with Babish: Brock's Onigiri from Pokémon


Okay, it's April 2nd, fun's over. This week, for reals this time, we're making onigiri: the breakfasty-lunchy-snack, ubiquitous in Japan, and virtually unheard of here in the US. As such, some committee of suits saw fit to Americanize their portrayal on Pokémon, and a generation of these United States grew up thinking they were donuts...and the bastards made ten hundred billion dollars. Was it worth it, 4Kids Entertainment? Oh, it was? No yeah you're right. Recipe: 🤍 Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free 🤍 Check out my playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish: 🤍 Binging With Babish Website: 🤍 Basics With Babish Website: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

How Onigiri Master Yumiko Ukon Makes 500,000 Rice Balls a Year — First Person


At Onigiri Bongo in Japan, Yumiko Ukon and her late husband have popularized non-traditional onigiri flavors of the stuffed rice snack since 1960. Now the shop makes 1,500 rice balls a day in 55 flavors including mayonnaise and tuna, curry and beef tendon stew, and salmon roe and takana. The different flavors have become so popular that customers wait up to five hours in line to try them. Eater would like to assure viewers that all videos were shot before restaurants were asked to close. Check the CDC for the most updated guidance on dining out at restaurants. Credits: Producer/Director: Tofu Media Editor: Francesca Manto Executive Producer: Stephen Pelletteri Development Producer: McGraw Wolfman Coordinating Producer: Stefania Orrù Audience Engagement: Daniel Geneen, Terri Ciccone For more episodes of 'First Person,' click here: 🤍 Eater is the go-to resource for food and restaurant obsessives with hundreds of episodes and new series, featuring exclusive access to dining around the world, rich culture, immersive experiences, and authoritative experts. Binge it, watch it, crave it.  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel now! 🤍

Giant Onigiri from Cooking with Valkyries | Anime with Alvin


This episode is sponsored by Squarespace. Head to 🤍 to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using code BABISH. Thank you Kimono Mom for the reference video! 🤍 Other reference materials: 🤍 🤍 Follow Alvin Zhou on Instagram: 🤍 Babish Cookware on Amazon: 🤍 My playlist of preferred cooking tunes, Bangers with Babish! 🤍 BCU TikTok: 🤍 Binging With Babish Website: 🤍 Basics With Babish Website: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Subreddit: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍



How to make ONIGIRI 【Ingredients】 Rice - 3cups Water - 3cups Salt, NORI seaweed ・SIGURENI Beef - 200g Ginger - 30g Water - 100ml Sugar - 2tbsp Soy sauce - 2tbsp Sake - 1tbsp ・SHAKE Salmon, Salt ・SHIRASU Komatsuna spinach Salt - 1tsp Shirasu Sesame oil ・Kyuri Cucumber Salt - 1tsp Ginger - 30g Sesame BGM:MusMus

ONIGIRI 5 WAYS 🍙 | RECIPES | HOW TO | Takoshiho Cooks Japan


I made 5 kinds of ONIGIRI with some fillings that you can try! Onigiri has been the best Japanese soul food over the hundreds of years. It’s convenient, easy to make, has variety of choices and so tasty. Recipe and the TIPS for making good onigiri are below🍙 I’m planning to make onigiri videos with other fillings like vegetables only and traditional ones. Tell me what you wanna watch! Veggie Onigiri 🤍 If you are interested in cooking Japanese cuisine, this series of videos are great for you! Hope you enjoy this video and subscribe my channel!🐙 Find me here, too! - Instagram: 🤍 - bilibili: 🤍 - Website: 🤍 - pinterest: 🤍 Music♪ by SUKISHA: 🤍 □RECIPES [ingredients] (5 rice balls) - 500g cooked rice - salt - nori seaweed (to taste) - water (for moisting your hands) [TIPS for Making Good Onigiri] -ABOUT RICE 1. I use DONABE which is a traditional clay pot because it can cook rice moister and flavorful than cooking in a rice cooker. Of course, you can use your rice cooker or a normal pot which has a lid, too. 2. Rice for onigiri should be Japanese short grain rice known as sushi rice and is cooked a bit firm, not gooey. 3. Make onigiri with freshly cooked rice. If you try to make onigiri with cold rice, it’s not gonna be what you want. It falls apart quite easily. -ABOUT FORMING Do not form rice balls to hard. You never want a tough onigiri. Onigiri should be flakey when you eat. -ABOUT SALT Coat “generous” amount of salt around rice balls if you have more than 1 hour until you eat. I mean a little bit more than you think. If you eat onigiri right away, you don’t need to put too much salt. -ABOUT FILLINGS 1. Fillings should not be watery. If the filling is too watery, the rice absorb all moisture from the fillings, and it’s not gonna be good. 2. Fillings need to be a bit briny considering the balance of a whole onigiri. □RECIPES of FILLINGS ① Grilled Salmon [ingredients] (4 rice balls) - 100g unsalted salmon - 1 tsp salt [instruction] 1. Put salt around salmon 2. Grill them and flake it. If it tasted too blend, you can add some soy sauce or salt. ② Tuna Mayo [ingredients] (4 rice balls) - 1 canned oiled tuna (70g) - 1.5 tbsp mayonnaise (I use kewpie mayonnaise) - 1.5 tsp soy sauce - salt (to taste) [instruction] 1. Remove excess oil from tuna 2. Mix all the ingredients together. ③ Crab Stick Mayo [ingredients] (4 rice balls) - 4 crab sticks - 1.5 tbsp mayonnaise - 1 tbsp soy sauce - 1/2 tsp Japanese mustard (or dijon) [instruction] 1. Remove excess moisture from crab sticks and flake them into strings. 2. Mix all the ingredients together. ④ Marinated Beef “Yakiniku”  [ingredients] (4 rice balls) - 100g sliced beef - 1.5 tbsp soy sauce - 1.5 tbsp mirin - 1 tsp white sesame seeds - 1 tbsp vegetable oil (for stir frying) [instruction] 1. Marinate beef with soy sauce and mirin for over 10 mins. 2. Stir fry the marinade on a pan with vegetable oil. 3. Add sesame seeds in the end ⑤ Shrimp Tempura “Tenmusu” [ingredients] (4 rice balls) - 4 raw shrimps - flour (for coating shrimps) - vegetable oil (for deep frying) - Tempura batter (※1)  ・ 1/2 egg   ・ 1/3 cup water  ・ 1&1/4 cups flour - Dashi based soy sauce “Tentsuyu” (※2)  ・ 2 tbsp dashi stock  ・ 1/2 tbsp soy sauce  ・ 1/2 tsp mirin  ・ 3 g bonito flakes ※1 : It’s still too much for 4 shrimps, so I recommend you to make some other tempura along with this! OR, you can get TEMPURA FLOUR from asian super market to get this way easier! How to Make Ultimate Tempura at Home 🤍 ※2: It requires some specific ingredients like above, but you can totally REPLACE with the mixture of SOY SAUCE and MIRIN, or if you have “MENTSUYU” which is literally seasoned soy sauce for noodle, it’s perfect for it. [instruction] 1. Devein shrimp and crack its joins for making them straight when it’s fried. 2. Make tentsuyu: heat all the ingredients in a pot and drain and cool it. 3. Make tempura batter: mix egg and cold water well, add flour and mic lightly. 4. Heat vegetable oil 5. Coat shrimp with flour lightly, and put in tempura batter and deep frying. 6. Dip “temtsuyu” before put it in Onigiri! Thank you!! #japanesefood #onigiri #japaneserecipes

Onigiri Recipe 3 ways / Japanese Rice Balls


How to make Onigiri Nikumaki Onigiri recipe Salmon Onigiri recipe 📖FULL RECIPE: 🤍 🧑‍🍳About me: 🤍 🍙 FAQ about the ingredients: 🤍 FAQ examples: -What is kombu? -Which brand of soy sauce should I buy? -Is there any substitute of sake, mirin, kombu? -How much dashi powder should I use? (Each pages include pictures) (Chapter) 0:00 Prepare Rice 0:39 Umami Soy sauce 2:49 Salmon Mayo 6:02 How to make Onigiri 8:01 Bonito & Cheese Onigiri 8:56 Meat wrapped onigiri (Nikumaki) Thanks for watching CHEF'S LABO (Laboratory)!! If you liked the video, Please hit the 👍 button, and leave me a comment!! That really makes me keep it going!!😁 - [The Japanese plates I used in the video] ⭐️5% off⭐️ *You can get 5 % off for anything if you enter the shop from below, or use my promo code: CHEFSLABO [MUSUBI KILN website] 🤍 [Black rectangle plate] 🤍 [Black round plate] ]🤍 *International Shipping available. *Discount shipping for over 5000 JPY *Free shipping for over 50000JPY [⭐️Please support the channel⭐️] 🤍 [💻⭐️My Website🌟] 🤍 [📸✨My Instagram!!✨] 🤍 (Recommended videos👀) [Garlic fried rice] ]🤍 [Japanese curry from scratch] 🤍 - Ingredients (OUNCE available too) & Written recipe👉 🤍 - [Shopping] *Amazon associate links (Kombu) 100g: 🤍 500g: 🤍 (My pan 24cm) 🤍 (My pan 28cm) 🤍 (Pan 24 & 28cm set price) 🤍 (Fine grater) 🤍 - *[About Copyright ] All the contents I made in this channel (Includes videos, text, picture, etc) can not be used in any other forms without permission. If you do, You will be at the risk of being charged with a YouTube Fair Use violation, or legal penalties. So please do not risk your life. CHEF'S LABO videos are only available on YouTube. If you find my contents in somewhere else, please contact me. - [Business enquiry] 🤍 - #ChefsLabo #ChefLabo #Onigiri #おにぎり

How To Make Onigiri (Rice Ball) (Recipe) おにぎり(おむすび)の作り方 (レシピ)


Stuffed with a variety of fillings and flavors, these rice balls make an ideal quick snack and are a fun alternative to sandwiches for lunch. In this recipe, you'll learn have to make onigiri using the common ingredients for rice balls in Japan. PRINT RECIPE ▶ 🤍 Prep Time: 30 mins Cook Time: 30 mins Total Time: 60 mins Serves: 12 Onigiri Ingredients: For Steamed Rice 2 cups uncooked Japanese short grain rice 2½ cups Water For Making Onigiri Kosher salt 4 sheets nori (seaweed) Salted salmon (recipe follows) Okaka (recipe follows) Tuna Mayo (recipe follows) 3 umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum) (purchased) seasoned kombu (purchased) Sesame seeds (to garnish) For Salted Salmon 1 fillet salmon Kosher salt For Okaka 2 packages Katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes) (2 packs = 6 g) 2 Tbsp soy sauce For Tuna Mayo 1 canned tuna (2.5 oz = 70 g) 2 Tbsp Japanese mayonnaise ½ Tbsp soy sauce Instructions with step-by-step pics ▶ 🤍 ★ FOLLOW JUST ONE COOKBOOK ★  Please SUBSCRIBE :: 🤍  My Blog :: 🤍  My Facebook :: 🤍  My Twitter :: 🤍  My Instagram :: 🤍 ★ COOKING EQUIPMENT ★ Kitchen products I use in my videos ▶ 🤍 ★ MUSIC ★ Music courtesy of Audio Network ♫ "Sunshine Dreams" :: 🤍 ♫ "Open Arms" :: 🤍 ★ VIDEO EQUIPMENT ★ CAMERAS:: 🤍 & 🤍 LENS :: 🤍 & 🤍 CAMERA SLIDER :: 🤍 CAMERA STAND (similar) :: 🤍 VIDEO MIC :: 🤍 NAMI'S MIC :: 🤍 LIGHTS :: 🤍 SOFTWARE :: Adobe Premiere

Onigiri, triangle rice balls


Deze velletjes zijn speciaal ontwikkeld om de versheid van de onigiri te behouden. De rijst wordt minder snel hard en het zeewier blijft lekker knapperig. Handig voor een lange autorit of voor bij de picknick.

Japanese animation grilled tuna mayo onigiri [delicious recipe]


Set subtitle options for a detail explanation. This video features subtitles in various languages *구운 참치 주먹밥 만들기 E-mail 📩 :: small.table.lee🤍gmail.com Instagram ❤️ :: 🤍 Today's menu 'Grilled tuna rice ball' 오늘의 메뉴 '구운 참치주먹밥' #ASMR #Smalltable #onigiri + [Recipe] [레시피] 300g boiled rice (밥 300g) 1/4 tsp of salt & 1 Tbsp of sesame oil (소금 1/4 작은 술 & 참기름 1 작은 술) 1 can of tuna (참치 1 캔) 1/2 Tbsp of sugar (설탕 1/2 큰술) 2Tbsp of mayonnaise (마요네즈 2 큰술) water (물) Low heat (약불) Dried laver (김) -sauce(소스)- 2Tbsp of soy sauce (간장 2 큰술) 2Tbsp of sugar (설탕 2 큰술) 2Tbsp of water (물 2 큰술) 2Tbsp of cooking wine (맛술 2 큰술) + [Trans] *구운 참치마요 주먹밥 만들기(맛있는 레시피) *Grilled tuna mayo rice ball [Delicious recipe] *Cơm nắm mayo cá ngừ nướng [Công thức ngon] *Bola nasi mayo tuna panggang [Resep lezat] *ग्रील्ड टूना मेयो राइस बॉल [स्वादिष्ट रेसिपी] *烤金槍魚蛋黃醬飯糰[美味食譜] *ข้าวปั้นทูน่ามาโยย่าง [สูตรเด็ด] *マグロのマヨネーズ焼きおにぎり【おいしいレシピ】

Tamagoyaki & Onigiri Breakfast Recipe


First video! Now how do you do this... TAMAGOYAKI 3 Eggs (optional +1 yolk for deeper color) Chopped chives/spring onion 1/4 tsp Mirin 1/4 tsp Soy sauce Salt 1/2 tsp Sugar (optional) Furikake (optional) You can also add 1 tsp sesame oil (1/2 tsp if using strong, pure sesame oil) for an interesting taste (normally with sugar). I do this sometimes when I get bored with regular tamagoyaki. ONIGIRI 1/2 cup Japanese rice 1 cup Water Furikake (any kind) Do not rinse the rice too much as you'll want to retain much of the starch for onigiri. Make sure to soak the Japanese rice for ~15 min before cooking. Put your flame on high; once the water starts rapidly boiling, set the flame to low/simmer. Once cooked, put it on high for 10sec, and then kill the flame. Let sit (lid on) for 10 min before opening. Or just use a rice cooker. You can add 1 tbsp sesame oil (1/2 tbsp if strong sesame oil) to the rice for a change - similar to how some Koreans do their crispy rice balls (jumeokbap?). If you can find small umeboshi (pickled plum), you can stick one inside the onigiri. Japanese umeboshi is best, but are normally pretty large. Chinese pickled plums on the other hand are normally smaller (but more sour, and I've never seen one that's pitted). TOOLS The ONIGIRI MOULDS I use are from Daiso and come in 2 sizes per pack. For bigger onigiri, you can use any other container e.g. a Japanese sandwich mould. The TAMAGOYAKI PAN is a simple one I got off Ebay for around A$50 (Japanese brand, made in China, but sturdy). A bit expensive for a small pan, but this one is surprisingly quite thick and from experience distributes heat really well. It is optional and you can use a regular round pan, but obviously a rectangular tamagoyaki pan makes things a whole lot easier. MUSIC Flow of Life by Jonny Easton 🤍 Thanks for watching!

How to Make Onigiri - A Simple and Easy Tutorial


This is just a short and simple tutorial on how to make a sushi onigiri! I used a silicone mold (costs about 1 dollar from Daiso) and the rest of the ingredients are very common and easy to make. Hope this is helpful! :D

Purgatory Onigiri | One Piece


Ep 934: Zoro uses Hitokiri's kama to complete his three sword style: purgatory onigiri! Watch ONE PIECE: WANO KUNI on Crunchyroll for FREE: 🤍 Crunchyroll Collection brings you the latest clips, OPs, and more from your favorite anime! Don't have time for a full episode but want to catch up on the best scenes? We've got them! FREE 14-DAY CRUNCHYROLL TRIAL 🌟 🤍

ONIGIRI 5 WAYS PART Ⅱ 🍙 | HOW TO | Takoshiho Cooks Japan


I made another onigiri video for you! Onigiri has been the best Japanese soul food over the hundreds of years. It’s convenient, easy to make, has variety of choices and so tasty. * Another ONIGIRI video iincluding TIPS for onigiri s click here! ONIGIRI 5 WAYS 🍙 | RECIPES | HOW TO | Takoshiho Cooks Japan 🤍 Vegetarian Onigiri 🤍 If you are interested in this kind of videos, please subscribe my channel🐙 Find me here, too~~~🎶 - Instagram: 🤍 - bilibili: 🤍 - Website: 🤍 - pinterest: 🤍 Music by Sushi the Beats: 🤍 Music by SUKISHA: 🤍 #japanesefood #onigiri #japaneserecipes

How to Make Onigiri (Japanese Rice Balls Recipe) | OCHIKERON | Create Eat Happy :)


Rice ball is called "Onigiri" in Japanese. Mostly it's shape is triangle and you can either mix ingredients into rice or fill your favorite ingredient in the rice ball, or both! There are many furikake (rice seasoning) products at Asian grocery stores, so try out and see how you like it done :D - Onigiri Difficulty: Very Easy Time: 3min Number of servings: 2 Ingredients (2 rice balls) 160g (5.7oz.) cooked white Japanese rice Furikake (rice seasoning) or filling of your choice How to Use Furikake: 1. Place cooked rice in a bowl. 2. Mix Furikake of your choice according to the amount written on its package. 3. Wet your hands with water so that the rice won't stick. 4. Place the seasoned rice on your hand. 5. Form the rice into a triangle, round, or cylinder by pressing lightly with your palms. How to Use Filling: 1. Place cooked rice in a bowl. 2. Wet your hands with water so that the rice won't stick. 3. Place the rice on your hand. 4. Make a hole in the center of the rice and place the filling. 5. Form the rice into a triangle, round, or cylinder by pressing lightly with your palms. You can wrap your Onigiri with a strip or a sheet of Nori seaweed if you prefer. ↓レシピ (日本語) 🤍 - Enjoy! Music by - Pierre-Jean Gidon Feat. Sophie + Sergio There's A Kind of Hush - Jaylee Kylan Xanadu Follow me on social media. If you have recreated any of my food, you can share some pictures #ochikeron. I am always happy to see them. ♥FOLLOW ME HERE♥ 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ♥My COOKBOOK available on Amazon Kindle♥ 🤍 NO MORE hard copies... those who got one are lucky! ♥More Written Recipes are on my BLOG♥ 🤍 ♥My Recipe Posts in Japanese♥ 🤍 🤍 🤍 ♥and of course PLEASE SUBSCRIBE♥ 🤍

How to Make Onigiri From Food Wars! - Shokugeki No Soma | Foodie Friday


Join our Exclusive Discord! 🤍 Onigiri have to be one of my favorite snacks. Rice, Meat, Vegetables. Epic. Seriously, what more do you need? This is MY rendition of her recipe as finding her actual recipe proved to be a challenge. Hopefully I can snag the Manga soon and get a better idea of what they use. Support the channel with the Links below! Join Our Patreon and become part of the Brigade! 🤍 THE YUKIHIRA SECRET: 🤍 Join our Discord! 🤍 Buy a Head band and support the channel! 🤍 Snag a sweet Totsuki Acadamy shirt! 🤍 Follow me on Social Media! Instagram 🤍Chefpaulreacts Twitter 🤍Chefpk3 Ingredients: Pork Stuffing 6oz - Ground Pork 2oz - Minced Onions 1oz Shallot 2T - White Miso 2T - Honey 3oz - Sake Salt and Pepper Chicken 7oz minced chicken 2oz - Minced Onions 1oz - Shallots 1T - Garlic, minced 2oz - Slivered green onions 3oz - Sake 2oz - Soy Sauce Cheese 6 - Medium Dice size Havarti 1oz - Soy Sauce Furikake - As needed Music: SoundCloud.com/lakeyinspired Join our Discord - 🤍 🌡Thermapen Thermometer:(🤍 🥌 King Whetstone for sharpening: (🤍 🧂 Bamboo Salt Container: (🤍 ⚖ Digital Scale: (🤍 🍴 Budget Misen 8-inch Chef's knife: (🤍 🔪 Epic Misono UX10 8-inch Chef Knife: (🤍 🧲 Magnetic Knife Rack: (🤍 🥘 Lodge Cast iron griddle: (🤍 📄 Stainless Baking Sheet:(🤍 🛒 Wire Rack: (🤍 🍳 Saucepan: (🤍 🪓 Japanese Woodcutting board: (🤍

🍙Magic INSTANT Onigiri that SHAPE THEMSELVES into Triangles - Japanese Rice Balls for the APOCALYPSE


Today I'm going to be tasting instant onigiri emergency rations designed with a 5-year shelf-life to be reconstituted with either cold or hot water, BUT the best part about them is that they shape themselves into the iconic onigiri shape. Swoon! Let's do this! 👚 Merch: 🤍 ❤️ Subscribe: 🤍 👩🏻 Website: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 🌈 Instagram: 🤍 🙃 Facebook: 🤍 ⏰ Tiktok: 🤍 🎂 Cameo: 🤍 🐝: emmymade extras: 🤍 To find links to the tools and books I use in the kitchen visit my Emmymade Amazon shop: 🤍 How to Make Onigiri with Baby Emmy: 🤍 I ordered my instant onigiri Onisi no Keitai Onigiri on eBay. This video IS sponsored. Thank you, BetterHelp! #ad #sponsored Disclaimer: Some of the above links are Amazon affiliate links from which I receive a small commission on each sale at no extra cost to you. Thanks so much for the support. 🙏🏻 'Neon Man,' 'Beyond the Ponds,' 'Finklestein's Walk in the Rain 3,' & 'Crystal Kid 1' are courtesy of epidemicsound.com, and 'Sprightly' from iMovie. You've made it to the end welcome! Comment "Oh, Onigiri, you're the one for me!"

6 EASY Mixed Rice Onigiri (Rice Balls) Recipes - Easy Japanese Mixed Rice


Here are NEW ONIGIRI RECIPES you can easily try at home! Please enjoy 6 different types of rice balls made from various mixed rice. #RiceBallRecipe #OnigiriRecipe #JapaneseMixedRice Recipe: 🤍 1. Salmon and Shiso Onigiri Ingredients [for 1 serving] ・2.8 oz (80g) White rice ・1.5 oz (45g) Salmon ・1 sheet of Shiso (Japanese basil) ・1/2 tsp White sesame ・A pinch of Salt ・1 tsp Sake (optional) 2. Bacon and Edamame Onigiri Ingredients [for 1 serving] ・2.8 oz (80g) White rice ・0.7 oz (20g) Bacon ・1 oz (30g) Edamame ・A pinch of Salt 3. Ketchup-flavored Onigiri Ingredients [for 1 serving] ・2.8 oz (80g) White rice ・0.7 oz (20g) Sausage ・1 oz (30g) Onion ・1 tbsp Corn ・1 tbsp Ketchup ・1/2 tsp Sugar ・1/3 tsp Stock cube ・A pinch of Salt 4. Fried Rice Style Onigiri Ingredients [for 1 serving] ・2.8 oz (80g) White rice ・0.7 oz (20g) Sausage ・1-2 tbsp Minced geen onion ・1/2-1 Egg ・1/2 tsp Chicken stock powder ・1/2 tsp Sake ・1/2 tsp Soy sauce ・Salt and pepper ・1 tsp Sesame oil 5. Salted Plum and Pickled Radish Onigiri Ingredients [for 1 serving] ・2.8 oz (80g) White rice ・1 tbsp Salted plum ・1 tbsp Pickled radish 6. Sweet Potato Onigiri Ingredients [for 1 serving] ・2.8 oz (80g) White rice ・1.4 oz (40g) Sweet potato ・1/2 tsp Sugar ・1/2 tsp Sake ・1/2 tsp Mirin ・1/2 tsp Soy sauce ・1/2 tsp Black sesame

STELLAR Onigiri and Japanese Hand Roll on the NARITA EXPRESS | Tokyo, Japan


I kicked off my international travel adventures of 2019 in late January when I spent twelve days traveling around the gorgeous island nation of Japan! From the hyper-modern concrete jungles of Tokyo, the more traditional cities of Kyoto and Osaka, and so many magnificent places in-between, I wasted no time seeing as much of the country as I could, and I walked away loving it more than I ever thought I would! My Film Making Kit ► 🤍 But before I could do anything, I had to get from Narita Airport, which is ninety minutes outside of Tokyo, to the city! Figuring out where to go and how to get there can be a little confusing at first, so I’m going to break it all down for you! After I grabbed my suitcase, I met up with Tony, a friendly contact from the airport meet & greet service who was hired to meet me and exited the customs area and went out to Arrivals. There, you just follow the sign for trains, which will lead you to the Narita Express, which is the quickest and cheapest way for arriving passengers to travel from the airport to Tokyo. I took the escalator down from Arrivals, where you’ll find an open area with ticket vending machines and a ticket office. The machines can be complicated to use if you don’t speak Japanese, so I suggest going to the ticket office to speak with someone who can help you get the ticket you need. After buying my ticket, which was roughly $27, I wanted to buy some onigiri, or rice balls with various fillings that are wrapped in seaweed, so Tony led me to the airport’s 7-Eleven. Convenience stores like 7-Eleven and FamilyMart are huge in Japan, and according to Tony, the 7-Eleven had a wider selection than the nearby FamilyMart. At the 7-Eleven, I bought two onigiri—salmon and spicy cod roe—as well as a rolled sushi containing egg, cucumber, pickle, mushrooms, and lotus root; and a small Asahi beer. One thing I recommend when coming to a new country is immediately going to an ATM to take out some of your money. They have the best exchange rate; currency exchanges will rip you off. I try to pull out the money I’d need in my first week, which was roughly 30,000 Yen, or $271. I said goodbye to Tony, continued through the ticket gate to the platform, and hopped in car 9. After finding a makeshift way to secure my luggage, I took my seat to eat. I was so hungry and couldn’t wait to have my first taste of Japanese food in Japan! The cod roe onigiri tasted like a spicy tuna roll with a lot of rice. The only difference was that the rice didn’t have vinegar in it. The rice was sticky and dense and the seaweed added a nice crunch and held it all together. The rolled sushi was like a big hand roll and had a little bit of heat to it. It was like next-level sushi and was a really delicious way to spend a dollar! Finally, I went with the salmon onigiri, which was like smoked salmon mixed with a lot of sticky rice. It was some of the best sushi I’ve ever had, and it was from 7-Eleven! Next, I went with the Asahi beer. You’re allowed to have open containers of beer on trains in Japan. It was nice and dry and not very strong, which I liked. The journey to Tokyo takes between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on how far into the city your stop is. My stop, Shinjuku, is further in. A one-way ticket is $27 and a round trip ticket costs $36 and is valid for 14 days. The Japan Rail pass is also available for 7, 14, or 21 days and begins with your Narita Express trip. The Narita Express, or N’EX, has free WiFi, which is convenient if you don’t have a local service plan yet. The 90-minute ride was super comfortable! After arriving at Shinjuku, I got my first impression of Japan. It looked super clean and organized, despite the huge number of people. Instead of catching an Uber to the Hyatt Regency like I originally planned, I decided to walk the 8 blocks and explore Tokyo a bit! I was so excited to be in Japan for the first time! I checked into my room, which was huge and had a king-size bed, a TV, a nice work station, remote-controlled blinds, and a beautiful, clean bathroom. I can’t wait to show you guys more of this amazing country! If you liked this video, please give it a thumb’s up, leave me a comment, and subscribe to my channel! ☆ CONTACT ☆ ► Business: david🤍godandbeauty.com BOOK YOUR NEXT ADVENTURE: ► 🤍 #Japan #JapaneseFood #Tokyo #DavidGoesToJapan #Davidsbeenhere Subscribe Here! 🤍 Check out my top videos! 🤍 Follow Me: + INSTAGRAM ► 🤍 + FACEBOOK ► 🤍 + TWITTER ► 🤍 + MY BLOG! ► 🤍 STELLAR Onigiri and Japanese Hand Roll on the NARITA EXPRESS | Tokyo, Japan 🤍

How to Make Onigiri


Easy and Delicious, today's Home Ec. episode: how to make onigiri the beloved Japanese rice ball. 🍙 ❤️ Subscribe: 🤍 📽YouTube: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 🌈 Instagram: 🤍 🙃 Facebook: 🤍 ⏰ Tiktok: 🤍emmymadetok 🎂 Cameo: 🤍 🐝 emmymade 🤍 🕸Website recipes: 🤍 👚Merch: 🤍

Onigiri Recipe (Japanese Rice Balls with Delicious Fillings) [Remastered]


We are making various kinds of Onigiri. Enjoy onigiri with the various fillings, ume okaka, tuna mayo, hiroshimana, short ribs, negi miso, soy sauce and salmon. How to make Onigiri 🤍 (7 pieces) Cook Time: 30 minutes * Time for cooking rice and cooling rice is not included in cook time. 360ml Rice (1.52 cups) 50ml 10% Salt Water (1.7 fl oz) 2 sheets of Toasted Nori Seaweed Lightly-Salted Salmon Fillet 50g Short Rib Slices (1.8 oz) 1 tsp Soy Sauce 1 tsp Sugar Grated Garlic 1 Pickled Hiroshimana Leaf Chirimenjako - Dried Baby Sardines Toasted White Sesame Seeds Umeboshi - Pickled Japanese Plum Okaka - Dried Bonito Flakes Canned Tuna Mayonnaise Wasabi Miso Spring Onion Leaves Sake or Water Soy Sauce A Shiso Leaf Parsley Leaves Kinome - Young Leaves of Sansho Pepper Toasted White Sesame Seeds * 1 tablespoon (tbsp) = 15 ml, 1 teaspoon (tsp) = 5 ml Search your favorite Cooking with Dog recipes! 🤍 Check out our new Francis Kitchen Scale, Folding Fork and Chopsticks! 🤍 Help translate our recipes and get our original Mug, Chopsticks and T-shirt! 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #onigiri #omusubi #onigirirecipe

Easy Rice balls Onigiri in 3 ways 日本饭团


#shorts #riceballs This easy Onigiri rice ball recipe with 3 different fillings. Filling : pork floss, spam, seaweed . Prefect meal for lunch! Click Here To Subscribe ►🤍 - Connect with me: Follow me on TikTok: 🤍 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 Like me on Facebook: 🤍 Check out my website: 🤍

VTuber tries making Japanese Coco Curry and Croquettes!


Vtuber Onigiri attempts to make the famous CoCo curry with some potato croquettes on the side! Please consider subscribing if you would like to support my channel so I can keep pumping out cooking content for everyone!! :3 The Recipes are available on my Patreon page and are free, but if you would like to support me to continue making awesome cooking videos, the best way is through Patreon! ^^ Thank you!!! Patreon: 🤍 Video Edit🎬:LittleGibble 🤍 🤍 Vtube model Live2D : Artist: 🤍 Rigger: 🤍 Music: - Provided by 🤍Lofi Girl - Watch: 🤍 Social Links: Twitch - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 Tiktok - 🤍 Youtube - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 #Vtuber #Girilust #Onigirien #Girilive Chapters: 00:00 intro 00:56 Making croquettes 06:50 Curry time 12:49 Frying croquettes 15:09 Plating

100X HUGE Japanese Onigiri!! Japanese MiniMart Sushi, Sandwiches and More!!


🎥 SECOND CHANNEL!!! MORE BEFRS » 🤍 👕 BEFRS BANDANAS!! GET YOURS NOW » 🤍 💗SUPPORT OUR MISSION » 🤍 😀 LONG NGUYEN’S CHANNEL » 🤍 Like our music? Enjoy a free 30-day of Epidemic Sound for the best royalty free music: 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - JBF FACTORY 1. MINISTOP ADDRESS: 17 Đường Mai Chí Thọ, Khu Phố 3, Quận 2, Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh SOCIAL: 🤍 STORE INFO: Ministop is the first convenience store chain to serve onigiri, which raised a trend for others to follow. They have 136 locations in Vietnam. 🍨KEM ĐẬU XANH YẾN MẠCH (OATMEAL & MUNG BEAN ICE CREAM) 💸 PRICE: 12.000 VND - $0.5 USD 🍣DA CÁ TRỨNG MUỐI (DEEP FRIED SALMON SKIN WITH SALTED EGG FLAVOR) 💸 PRICE: 39.000 VND - $1.7 USD 🍣DA CÁ ỚT XANH (DEEP FRIED SALMON SKIN WITH GREEN CHILI FLAVOR) 💸 PRICE: 39.000 VND - $1.7 USD 🍣RONG BIỂN CUỘN CAY (SPICY SEAWEED ROLL) 💸 PRICE: 7.000 VND - $0.31 USD 🌟JBF FOODS🌟 🥪SANDWICH CÁ NGỪ RAU CỦ (TUNA & VEGETABLES SANDWICH) 💸 PRICE: 23.000 VND - $1.00 USD 🥪SANDWICH TRỨNG PHÔ MAI (EGG & CHEESE SANDWICH) 💸 PRICE: 25.000 VND - $1.10 USD 🥪SANDWICH TRỨNG MAYO (EGG WITH MAYO SANDWICH) 💸 PRICE: 16.000 VND - $0.6 USD 🥪SANDWICH THANH CUA MAYO (CRAB STICK WITH MAYO SANDWICH) 💸 PRICE: 20.000 VND - $0.87 USD 🥪BÁNH MÌ THỊT NGUỘI PHÔ MAI (HAM & CHEESE BREAD) 💸 PRICE: 18.000 VND - $0.78 USD 🍔CƠM THỊT BÒ HAMBURGER (HAMBURBENTO) 💸 PRICE: 32.000 VND - $1.39 USD 🥪SANDWICH GÀ KARAAGE VÀ TRỨNG (KARAAGE CHICKEN & EGG SANDWICH) 💸 PRICE: 22.000 VND - $0.9 USD 🍣CALIFORNIA SUSHI 💸 PRICE: 24.000 VND - $1.00 USD 🍣URAMAKI SUSHI 💸 PRICE: 27.000 VND - $1.17 USD 🍣GUNKAN SUSHI 💸 PRICE: 30.000 VND - $1.31 USD 🥪SANDWICH TRỨNG VÀ CÁ NGỪ (EGG TUNA MAYO SANDWICH) 💸 PRICE: 27.000 VND - $1.18 USD 🍣CƠM NẮM GÀ NGŨ VỊ (FIVE-SPICE CHICKEN ONIGIRI) 💸 PRICE: 30.000 VND - $1.31 USD 🍱BENTO HEO BBQ VÀ GÀ (BBQ PORK AND CHICKEN BENTO) 💸 PRICE: 28.000 VND - $1.22 USD - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2. JAPAN BEST FOODS FACTORY ADDRESS: N3-1, Long Duc Industrial Zone, Long Thanh Township, Dong Nai Province SOCIAL: 🤍 FACTORY INFORMATION: JBF was established in 2016 by the collaboration of 2 Japanese companies. The Japanese standard has become the leading factor to make this factory stand out among other competitors. There are 190 staff working daily to keep track of order exactly to a single meal. 🥪SANDWICH TRỨNG VÀ CÁ NGỪ (EGG TUNA MAYO SANDWICH): Boil the eggs then smash them. Add 2 types of mayonnaise. Cook the tuna fillet and add mayonnaise mixes. Cut the bread crust then assemble the complete sandwich. Package when finished. 🍣CƠM NẮM GÀ NGŨ VỊ (FIVE-SPICE CHICKEN ONIGIRI): Cook the rice. Marinate the chicken and then place on a rolling grill. Add extra sauce to the chicken filling. Assemble the ingredients and shape the rice in the onigiri shape. Wrap with seaweed. 🍱BENTO HEO VÀ GÀ BBQ (PORK AND CHICKEN BBQ BENTO): In a bento box, add the rice, two pieces of lettuce, 25 grams of grilled pork, carrots and daikon pickle. Add 30 grams of chicken bbq and diluted fish sauce. Wrap in plastic. #BestEverSaigonFactoryTour #BestEverFoodReviewShow #BEFRS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 💬COME SAY HI: INSTAGRAM » 🤍 (🤍besteverfoodreviewshow) FACEBOOK » 🤍 💗SUPPORT OUR MISSION: Patreon is a platform that allows people to support creators on a recurring basis. Your contribution is an investment in the creative freedom of my channel and enables me to keep my content authentic and uninterrupted. Your generous donation allows me the time and resources to create more videos for you. We also have some pretty sweet rewards, exclusive to Patreon Bestys. » 🤍 Our VIP Patrons: Matthew Holden, David Baliles, Jackson Li, Ryan Rhodes, Better-Together, SAM SOM & Gladis Mendoza 🥒ABOUT BEFRS: Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer. If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I'm a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 🎬CREDITS: DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY » Nguyễn Tân Khải CAMERA OPERATOR » Nguyễn Minh Đức VIDEO EDITOR » Duong Quoc Huy PRODUCERS » Huỳnh Hà My, Liz Peterson & Khoi Chung LINE PRODUCERS » Huỳnh Hà My & Khoi Chung COLOR & MASTER » Quí Nguyễn Selected tracks via Audio Network

💔 Onigiri dance


▶Patreon : 🤍 ▶MP3 Download : 🤍 2차창작으로 음원 사용하실시 원본 링크 기재 꼭 부탁드리겠습니다! Onigiri Dance MEME 잘부탁드립니다 ! Team Qmeng & ko. yo Collaboration! ▶Music Producer ko.yo ( 🤍 ) ( 🤍 ) ▶Animation Director QMENG ( 🤍 ) ( 🤍 ) ▶Compositing Deirector Sun lee ( 🤍 ) ( 🤍 ) ▶Key Animator/Clean-up Callnong ( 🤍 ) ▶Clean-up/Assistant artist HK ( 🤍 ) ▶Vocal HanZ / u32 ( 🤍 ) ( 🤍 ) #PINKBITCHCLUB #meme #onigirimeme #onigiridance #shorts

Yaki Onigiri (Grilled Rice Ball)


These Yaki Onigiri (焼きおにぎり) or grilled rice balls are ultra-crispy on the outside, while the rice on the inside is fluffy and flavorful. I use a few tricks to achieve this, including seasoning the rice beforehand, pan-frying the onigiri, and using a light dusting of starch to help it hold its shape. Finished with a bit of butter, this easy preparation of the humble rice ball is next-level tasty. Support us on Patreon ▶ 🤍 YAKI ONIGIRI POST & RECIPE ▶ 🤍 HOW TO COOK RICE (stovetop) ▶ 🤍 HOW TO SHAPE ONIGIRI BY HAND ▶ 🤍 INDEX: 0:00 Intro 1:22 Ingredients 1:50 Make rice 2:54 Season rice 3:53 Make onigiri 5:26 Trick for crispy Yaki Onigiri 6:12 Grill the rice balls 8:14 How to serve Yaki Onigiri INGREDIENTS: 160 grams Japanese short-grain rice (1 rice cooker cup or 3/4 US cup) 1 US cup water 2 tablespoon soy sauce  1 teaspoon potato starch  1 tablespoon vegetable oil 1 tablespoon butter SUBSCRIBE ▶ 🤍 ✚ FOLLOW NO RECIPES ✚ Instagram: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 ✚ GEAR ✚  You can find most of the kitchen and camera gear I used to make this video in my Amazon shop. Buying things from my shop (even stuff you search for that’s not listed on the page) doesn't cost you anything extra and it helps to support this channel. 🤍 ✚ MUSIC ✚  🤍?fpr=norecipes 🤍

놀라운 황금 삼각 김밥!! 참치 마요 삼각 김밥 멋지고 맛있게!


정말 맛있는 참치마요를 노란 황금색 삼각 김밥으로 만듭니다. 맛도 좋고 모양도 예쁜 삼각김밥입니다. 재료 : 1. 밥 (1/2공기에 김밥 1개) 2. 계란 3. 참치 4. 마요네즈 5. 고추 시청해주셔서 감사합니다

I got challenged by professional chef, @CHEFPK


Youtuber and professional chef, CHEFPK has challenged me to a cooking battle! Am I able to win against a culinair expert? Check out CHEFPK here: 🤍CHEFPK Check out his poutine here: 🤍 Please consider subscribing if you would like to support my channel so I can keep pumping out cooking content for everyone!! :3 The Recipes are available on my Patreon page and are free, but if you would like to support me to continue making awesome cooking videos, the best way is through Patreon! ^^ Thank you!!! Please support me on patreon: 🤍 Video Edit🎬: 🤍LittleGibble Thumbnail: 🤍LittleGibble Vtube model Live2D : Artist: 🤍 Rigger: 🤍 Social Links: Twitch - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 Tiktok - 🤍 Youtube - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 #Vtuber #Girilust #Onigirien #Girilive

Tokyo's Best Onigiri Shop


Martina loves Onigiri. It might be her favourite thing to eat in Japan (it's either that or ramen), but we've never really had amazing onigiri, until today. Now, we're traveling out to Onigiri Bongo, and we're tasting some of the best onigiri of our lives. This place is something to write home about. Martina will be writing a letter to her neighbour about this place, for sure :D Add this to your list of places to go in Japan: ☞ 🤍 Wow, they even have a website: ☞ 🤍 Like what we’re doing and want to show your support? 🌈 Join the Rainbow Ladder Support Team! ☞ 🤍 If you find these videos useful, Subscribe for More! ☞ 🤍 ☞🤍 ☞🤍 For more information about this video check out: ☞🤍 Get cozy in our hoodies, t-shirts, hats, and more ☞🤍 BABY WHEN YOU MOVE YOUR BODAY! Like our music? Get it here: ☞ 🤍 #onigiri #tokyo #japan

おにぎり ぼんご Japanese Street Food Onigiri - Grandma’s Rice Ball - 주먹밥 饭团 大塚本店


おにぎり ぼんご 大塚本店 創業60年の老舗おにぎり屋さんを朝の仕込みから密着して撮影致しました。 開店1時間前から並ぶ事もある大人気店です。おにぎりの種類は56種類あるそうです。 朝から元気一杯の女将さん(右近由美子さん)の生きた方、考え方はとても素晴らしく感動しました。 動画の最後にインタビューもあるので是非最後までご覧下さい。 ※この動画は事前許可を得て撮影しております。 - 値段 - 筋子 すじこ :560円 卵黄醤油漬け :310円 明太クリームチーズ :310円 肉そぼろ :310円 しゃけ :260円 - 位置 - 🤍 〒170-0004 日本東京都豊島区北大塚2丁目26−3(Tokyo,Toshima-ku,Japan) It is a very popular restaurant BONGO that may be lined up from 1 hour before opening. There are 56 types of rice balls. Very energetic 69-year-old grandma is a must-see. There is an interview at the end of the video, so please watch the video until the end. This video was shot with the permission of the shop owner and customers. - Price - salmon roe: JPY 560 (USD4.97) egg yolk: JPY 310 (USD 2.75) cream cheese: JPY 310 (USD 2.75) powdered meat: JPY 310 (USD 2.75) salmon: JPY 260 (USD 2.31) - Map - 🤍 - 食べ物動画 (Food Video) - Giant Dumpling Ball - Chinese Street Food - Japan 空心大麻球 巨大ごま団子 🤍 燃える炎のチャーハン - Fire Fried Rice - Chinese Street Food in Japan - 炒饭 볶음밥 Sichuan 🤍 うなぎ かねよの1日に密着 - 中卒から鰻職人歴58年 - Day in the Life of a Grilled Eel Master - Japanese Street Food 京都 🤍 最高級のステーキ すき焼き - Teppanyaki Steak & Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki - Japaese Street Food - 鉄板焼き 京都 祇園 みかく 🤍 特大唐揚げチャーハンの作り方 - Japanese Street Food - Fried Rice - 炒饭 볶음밥 - チャイナ飯店 炒飯 餃子 🤍 ラーメン屋台 - Ramen Japanese street food - Old style ramen stall 屋台ラーメン 라면 拉面 拉麵 - Tokyo 🤍 西成ホルモン屋台に密着!Old Style Meat Stall - Grandpa’s butcher shop - Japanese Street Food - 丸八精肉店 焼肉 Hormone 🤍 100年続く京菓子 - Japanese Street Food - Jiggly Cake - どら焼き? かたぱん 🤍 - 関連動画 (Related Video) - How Onigiri Master Yumiko Ukon Makes 500,000 Rice Balls a Year — First Person 🤍 おにぎり/日本料理 ONIGIRI/JAPANESE FOOD COOKING 🤍 - おすすめプレイリスト Recommend playlist - 職人技 (Amazing Skills) 🤍 一日密着シリーズ (Day in the life of a chef) 🤍 屋台ラーメン (Ramen stall) 🤍 手作りキャンディー (Handmade candy) 🤍 スイーツ (Sweets & Dessert) 🤍 おばあちゃん おじいちゃん (Grandma & Grandpa) 🤍 - About us - 世界中の人達に楽しんで頂ける『食のエンターテイメント動画』の制作を目指しております。 制作活動のモチベーションになりますので、気に入って頂けましたら、是非『チャンネル登録・高評価・ コメント・シェア』などよろしくお願い致します!😋🌏 Our aim is to produce videos of “food entertainment” that can entertain people all over the world. Your support gives us motivation to create more videos, so if you like our videos, please subscribe to our channel, like, share and comment!😋🌏 【 チャンネル登録はこちら|Subscribe to my channel 】 🤍 - Instagram 🤍 - Twitter 🤍 #おにぎり # ONIGIRI #JapaneseStreetFood #StreetFood #Riceball #ずっと見てられる #주먹밥 #饭团



ingrédients pour 8/10 onigiris 400g de riz a sushi cuit 1 boite de thon nature mayonnaise cébettes ou ciboulette ou nira algue nori graines de sésame sel poivre si tu as des suggestions tu peux les mettre en commentaire. si tu as des questions n’hésite pas a me les poser. tu peux me suivre sur facebook: 🤍 sur wedoolink,Le premier réseau collaboratif des marques et des consommateurs 🤍 sur instagram : 🤍 sur twitter : 🤍 tu peux aussi me suivre sur VU DU JAPON, le collectif des youtubeurs japon, pour plus de vidéos sur la culture japonaise 🤍

Oishi Onigiri [Teaser] | Onigiri Pilihan Omar & Hana x AEON Delicatessen


#aeondelicatessen #onigiriomarhana Jom dapatkan Onigiri Omar & Hana di semua cawangan AEON Delicatessen! Jom ikuti media sosial Omar & Hana di: ☾ Laman web : 🤍 ☾ Instagram : 🤍 ☾ Facebook : 🤍 ☾ Twitter : 🤍 ☾ E-mel: omarhana🤍digitaldurian.tv



Ever wondered how ramen is made from beginning to end? Today I show you the process from start to finish. I will show you everything from the broth, to the noodles and also meat to finish everything. Join me as this will be the best ramen you will ever see!!! Please consider subscribing if you would like to support my channel so I can keep pumping out cooking content for everyone!! :3 The Recipes are available on my Patreon page and are free, but if you would like to support me to continue making awesome cooking videos, the best way is through Patreon! ^^ Thank you!!! Please support me on patreon: 🤍 Video Edit🎬: 🤍LittleGibble Thumbnail: 🤍LittleGibble Vtube model Live2D : Artist: 🤍 Rigger: 🤍 Social Links: Twitch - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 Tiktok - 🤍 Youtube - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 #Vtuber #Girilust #Onigirien #Girilive

Japan's No1 Riceball Store: Making over 1000 Onigiri a day! Onigiri Bongo in Tokyo


English Subtitles available! If you love Japanese food you will sooner or later have encountered Onigiri, the Japanese rice balls! We went to a restaurant that specializes in Onigiri, called Onigiri Bongo in Ootsuka Tokyo. This shop has 60years history, a genuine onigiri shop!! Find out what makes this dish fill the hearts of Japanese girls and boys with so much tastiness and joy. ONIGIRI BONGO 🤍 OPEN11:30 to 24:00 Close SUN (^ω^)Click to Subscribe! 🤍 (ΦωΦ) CathyCat's YouTube: 🤍 CathyCat's Twitch: 🤍 CathyCat's Instagram: 🤍 (=*ω*=) For business or collaboration inquiries, contact us! We are looking forward to working with you! 🤍 SUBTITLES are available!! Please click the settings and activate your subtitles!! #onigiri #おにぎり #ぼんご

Serie Demon Slayer Food Partie 1 - ONIGIRI Zenitsu


C’est parti pour notre première série de vidéos ! On commence par Demon Slayer ! Et la première recette qu’on vous propose, c’est celle des onigiri qu’on voit quelques fois dans l’anime. Au tout début Tanjiro en donne un à Zenitsu. Quand il le coupe en 2 on voit qu’il n’est pas fourré, mais on a quand même décidé de vous montrer une version traditionnelle fourrée avec des prunes salées umeboshi :) On espère que la vidéo (et celles qui suivent aussi) vous plaira ! ✪ Anime recipes playlist: 🤍 ✪ Nouilles udon Tanjiro: 🤍 ✪ Le bento UMAI de Rengoku dans le tri de l'infini: 🤍 Recette des onigiri dans kimetsu no Yaiba: ★ Ingrédients : (pour 3-4 gros onigiri) -2 petits verres de riz pour sushi -2,4 petits verres d’eau (compter 1,2 volumes d’eau par volume de riz) -sel -des prunes umeboshi (ou un mélange thon mayo c’est super bon aussi) -1 feuille d’algue nori Onigiri recipe from Demon Slayer: ★ Ingredients : (3-4 big onigiri) -2 rice cooker cups of sushi rice -2,4 rice cooker cups of water (1,2 volumes of water per volume of rice) -salt -umeboshi plums (a tuna-mayonnaise mix works great too !) -nori seaweed FOLLOW US ⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵ ( ಠ_ಠ ) ノ ✪ ★ 🤍 ★ 🤍 ★ 🤍 ★ 🤍 ★ 🤍 Music used ⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵ ✪ Kamado Tanjirou no Uta - Kimetsu no Yaiba(Demon Slayer) Ep 19 OST/ED [Piano Synthesia + Sheet] 🤍 #demon_slayer #kimetsu_no_yaiba #onigiri #zenitsu #tanjiro

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