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From the beginning, these groups were all male, given that this ritual involves contact with death. Accordingly, women did not participate in it. We can already see how children and women carol. In fact, only men could do it. But, considering that this holiday is combined with the sun, the groups could not walk around the village chaotically. They followed the sun, and if it was a mountainous area, for example, the Carpathians, then they walked from below in a circle, climbing and going around each house. If the carolers did not enter a house, it means that a dead person's foot could be there, and this was a bad sign and they were very offended.

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Очень популярными обрядовыми песнями были в народе колядки и щедривки. Колядки поют с 25 декабря по 7 января. Они приурочились к Рождеству. А щедривки – к Новому году (по старому стилю –14 января).
Колядки – самый древний фольклорный жанр. Они хранят в себе память старого родоплеменного времени и связаны с зимним поворотом солнца на лето, которое называли праздником Коляды. Праздновали его 25 декабря (по старому стилю), когда ночь была самой длинной. Природа в это время замирала. Считалось, что солнце съедал злой Корочун – темное славянское божество. Богиня неба Коляда рожала новое солнце-маленького Божича.

Mythology never disappears. As long as the universe exists, as long as we believe in miracles, we will develop this mythological idea. It is completely transformed, completely changed. But some elements are preserved. And they are produced, appear in a new guise. Nothing disappears, it is simply modified. From ancient totemic beliefs, we moved to Christian beliefs, later came the Soviet myth, which changed to a modern vision. In fact, we want to believe in a miracle, to believe in a fairy tale, we want to see those gifts, for the fact that we were polite boys and girls, then St. Nicholas will bring us small gifts, or cutlets, if we were rude.