ыд спаке енджынеерс джамеплаи б90681 гтмл

ыд спаке енджынеерс джамеплаи б90681 гтмл


When a Christmas tree appeared in homes A long time ago, many peoples of the world worshiped trees. Especially among the southern Slavs, Christmas was necessarily accompanied by a "podniak" - a log, in which the owner solemnly, with all the sacrifices - asked for forgiveness for having to cut down this tree, sprinkled this stump with grain, smeared it with dough, and then brought it to the house, where he was ceremoniously burned. These moments probably initiated the later use of the Christmas tree. So, gradually we come to today's ritual - the use of a Christmas tree.


В Российской Империи елку ввел Петр I по возвращении из Европы, приказавший поставить елки у богатых дворов и украсить их. А простым людям, хотя бы украсить ворота веточками елки. Со временем, елка перешла к домам, благодаря голландским кондитерам, которые начали продавать уже украшенные елки в своих кондитерских.

Mythology never disappears. As long as the universe exists, as long as we believe in miracles, we will develop this mythological idea. It is completely transformed, completely changed. But some elements are preserved. And they are produced, appear in a new guise. Nothing disappears, it is simply modified. From ancient totemic beliefs, we moved to Christian beliefs, later came the Soviet myth, which changed to a modern vision. In fact, we want to believe in a miracle, to believe in a fairy tale, we want to see those gifts, for the fact that we were polite boys and girls, then St. Nicholas will bring us small gifts, or cutlets, if we were rude.