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В двенадцать священных ночей родился золотоликий Божич - молодое Солнце - Дажбог, серебряный Ясн-Луна и святая Богиня-Мать воды Дана, а значит и все живущее на земле. "Бог-Коляда приходит в мир со светом и добром, победив зло и тьму. В Рождестве солнца Коляды - праздник света Дажбога, великий праздник Жизни, праздник Предков, праздник Счастья и Воли. Все сущее на земле: человек, весь растительный и животный мир почитают бога Коляду, опекуна молодого Божича-Солнца, встречая рождение света Дажбожьего Святым ужином, Святыми мыслями и Святым единством душ.


We also have an oak - a sacred tree - the Perun tree. In the same way, among the ancient Germanic peoples, it was the Tree of Thor. And therefore, we have such assimilation - a Christmas tree appears from different layers of culture. According to legend, the Christmas tree as a symbol of Christmas appears allegedly in the 7th century, when Saint Boniface, in Germany, cut down an ancient tree of the pagans - the Tree of Thor, that oak rolled down and felled all the trees, and only the Christmas tree was not felled. And then Boniface said that the fir tree is a symbol of God, it has a triangular shape, and he tied it to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

This led to the appearance of these groups of carolers who dressed up and performed symbolic actions - as if the arrival of these deceased ancestors into our world. The groups of carolers who came to the Lord symbolized those representatives of the afterlife - the souls of the dead who are returning to Earth at this time. And that's why they were expected in every lord, they believed that where the foot of the caroler steps, there the foot of the dead will not step.