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В Украине и в Белоруссии тоже были такие обычаи: щедривки - разновидность колядок. Они также представляли собой песенные просьбы об урожайном, щедром году.
Вы, люди, радуйтесь!
Все сегодня торжествуйте!
Дня Христова Рождество!


Today's tradition of celebrating Christmas has been preserved despite all the Soviet bans and persecutions, we are moving to the world custom of celebrating Christmas. We preserve this tradition, and it will continue to live. Read us on Facebook and Telegram, watch our YouTube Become a part of Public Culture: write to us about interesting events in the cultural life of your city or town. Send your photos, videos and news and we will publish them on the digital platforms of Suspilny. Email us at: culture@suspilne.media. Your stories are important to us!

When Zorya came down, the celebration began. At this time, they first brought Didukh into the house. Under the table, under the tablecloth, under the dish - kutyu - they put straw, this straw woman, which in the current interpretation already symbolizes the manger in which Christ was born. And originally, it was probably a symbol of grain, a rich harvest. Garlic cloves were placed on the corners of the table - amulets against evil spirits. It all started with Didukh. No one sat down at the table until the father brought this Grandfather into the house.