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Why carolers dress up as animals, foreigners and otherworldly creatures According to the idea of ancient people, the other world is, as it were, this world turned upside down. And accordingly, the representatives of that world are the same as us, but a little different. And accordingly, the carolers changed their clothes according to categories - "alien", otherworldly. It could not be a person, but an animal, that's how those animal images appeared in groups of carolers. It could be "strangers" by category - foreigner, that's how we have, for example, "German". These may not be people, but in general – demonic beings, so the carolers wrapped their hands with straw, stood on stilts or, conversely, squatted down, spoke in very deep, low voices, or, on the contrary, very squeaky.


How beautifully our carols combine the remnants of this still pagan time and the majestic light of Christ's faith on our purely folk, national soil! Carols are, of course, a purely folk work, both in terms of content and singing, but along with the development of folk life, various influences were exerted on the content of carols, and most of all, of course, from the side of spiritual science. During the development of our Ukrainian fraternities and fraternal schools, the bursakas of these schools and their teachers, who at that time made a living by singing cantos and carols on holidays, contributed a lot of school science to carols...

Посыпание зерном, после выполнения щедровки, всегда производится с прибауткой:
”К счастью, на здоровье! Роды Боже, рожь, пшеницу и всякую пашницу! А нам – паляницу”.
По содержанию, характеру и назначению щедровки являются панегирично-величательные новогодние поздравления. Они как бы приложение к Колядкам и представляют собой неотделимую часть рождественского пения.
Традиционные рождественско-новогодние обряды, колядки и щедривки – это настоящая сокровищница нашего народа, которую нужно глубоко познавать.