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В Российской Империи елку ввел Петр I по возвращении из Европы, приказавший поставить елки у богатых дворов и украсить их. А простым людям, хотя бы украсить ворота веточками елки. Со временем, елка перешла к домам, благодаря голландским кондитерам, которые начали продавать уже украшенные елки в своих кондитерских.


"Shedryvky" are ritual songs performed on a generous evening, the evening on the eve of the new year. They usually began with the words of greeting: "Generous evening, good evening." In the distant past, this type of song differed from other holiday songs, today it differs in that it is sung in Ukraine and in Ukrainian-speaking villages of the region. At the time when we now celebrate Christmas, once upon a time, even before Christianity, in Ukraine there was a holiday of the winter solstice. It was the time of divination for the coming year; and that is why we still have a whole series of pre-Christian elements in Christmas customs, whose purpose was to call for a good harvest in the following year, wealth and prosperity in the house of the master, lucky catches for the hunter, a wedding for a girl and a happy journey for a young man - a prince's wife or the prince himself. All the natural forces of nature are appeased and called upon not to harm people and livestock.

We also have an oak - a sacred tree - the Perun tree. In the same way, among the ancient Germanic peoples, it was the Tree of Thor. And therefore, we have such assimilation - a Christmas tree appears from different layers of culture. According to legend, the Christmas tree as a symbol of Christmas appears allegedly in the 7th century, when Saint Boniface, in Germany, cut down an ancient tree of the pagans - the Tree of Thor, that oak rolled down and felled all the trees, and only the Christmas tree was not felled. And then Boniface said that the fir tree is a symbol of God, it has a triangular shape, and he tied it to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.