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When Zorya came down, the celebration began. At this time, they first brought Didukh into the house. Under the table, under the tablecloth, under the dish - kutyu - they put straw, this straw woman, which in the current interpretation already symbolizes the manger in which Christ was born. And originally, it was probably a symbol of grain, a rich harvest. Garlic cloves were placed on the corners of the table - amulets against evil spirits. It all started with Didukh. No one sat down at the table until the father brought this Grandfather into the house.

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there were children who did not speak for a long time, so they were given a drink of water from a ritual bell. If there was a girl in the house, she gave each caroler apples and nuts:
Farewell to us, Greek youth,
Buckwheat young man, Mr. Vasyl!
Goy, healthy, healthy, and not alone,
And not by himself, but also with a son, from mothers,
Yes, and with the father, from the mothers, and from all the children.
We wish you good health,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
And with this Christmas, this New Year,
This New Year, good luck,
Good income and long life.
Give you, God, happiness and health,
Happiness, health and good growth,
Father, have fun with you,
To receive your dowry,
Your dowry and happy,
Oh, be healthy!

This led to the appearance of these groups of carolers who dressed up and performed symbolic actions - as if the arrival of these deceased ancestors into our world. The groups of carolers who came to the Lord symbolized those representatives of the afterlife - the souls of the dead who are returning to Earth at this time. And that's why they were expected in every lord, they believed that where the foot of the caroler steps, there the foot of the dead will not step.