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Как только на небе восходила Заря, колядники ходили от дома к дому, чтобы известить людей о рождении нового Солнца, и изображения этого солнца носили с собой ("рождественская звезда"). Эта традиция сохранилась и по сей день. Заходили во двор, будили хозяина и пели его семье величественных песен о солнце, луне, звездах. Эти песни и стали называть колядками или колядками.


When a Christmas tree appeared in homes A long time ago, many peoples of the world worshiped trees. Especially among the southern Slavs, Christmas was necessarily accompanied by a "podniak" - a log, in which the owner solemnly, with all the sacrifices - asked for forgiveness for having to cut down this tree, sprinkled this stump with grain, smeared it with dough, and then brought it to the house, where he was ceremoniously burned. These moments probably initiated the later use of the Christmas tree. So, gradually we come to today's ritual - the use of a Christmas tree.

In the evening, teenage girls, alone or in a group, went around the houses of neighbors and relatives in order to donate. It was a separate New Year's event in which only girls participated:
I'm a little girl
I have a little boyish dress.
I don't know either "az" or "beech",
Therefore, give something in your hands!
They came to your house to be generous.
Generous evening, good evening!
The master lives here - the owner of wealth.
Generous evening, good evening!
And his wealth is golden hands.
Generous evening, good evening!
And his joy is good children.
Good evening, good evening.