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One of the beliefs leads us to the cult of ancestors, which is prominently featured in Christmas rituals. On "Holy Eve" (Christmas Eve), the evening dinner, consisting, in the Lubensk district, mainly of kuti and uzvar (dried fruit decoction), has a family and, in particular, memorial character: kuti is left for the night for deceased relatives; according to popular belief, vague reflections of small, doll-like people descending to the table can be seen on the wall. The ancient Slavs met the New Year with songs, dances, jokes of the dressed-up people, funny pranks. This cycle of rites received the general name - carols. Caroled in Russia since December 25. They dressed up in leather, put on scary masks, went from house to house, sang songs. It was still dark, on the early New Year's morning, there was a knock on the door or window. The owners already guessed who was knocking and opened the door hospitably. Guests entered the house, scattering bread grains around the house and chanting:


Как только на небе восходила Заря, колядники ходили от дома к дому, чтобы известить людей о рождении нового Солнца, и изображения этого солнца носили с собой ("рождественская звезда"). Эта традиция сохранилась и по сей день. Заходили во двор, будили хозяина и пели его семье величественных песен о солнце, луне, звездах. Эти песни и стали называть колядками или колядками.

When a Christmas tree appeared in homes A long time ago, many peoples of the world worshiped trees. Especially among the southern Slavs, Christmas was necessarily accompanied by a "podniak" - a log, in which the owner solemnly, with all the sacrifices - asked for forgiveness for having to cut down this tree, sprinkled this stump with grain, smeared it with dough, and then brought it to the house, where he was ceremoniously burned. These moments probably initiated the later use of the Christmas tree. So, gradually we come to today's ritual - the use of a Christmas tree.