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С самого начала колядники символизировали умерших, которые ходили за солнцем, а кутья была символом почитания предков. Об этом в эфире Радио Культура рассказала заведующая кафедрой фольклористики института филологии Киевского национального университета им.Т.Шевченко, доцент Олеся Наумовская. Также она рассказала, почему колядники, по традиции, переодеваются, и когда в домах появились новогодние елки.


The group of winter calendar songs consists of carols and Christmas songs. These are majestic songs of Ukrainian farmers, related to the Proto-Slavic cult of the Sun. The ancestors of Ukrainians celebrated three phases of the sun - spring equinox, summer and winter solstice. The New Year began for the ancient Slavs from the vernal equinox (as, after all, in other European nations). Only later, the celebration of the beginning of the new year was moved to the time of the winter solstice (somewhere from the 14th century). There is a hypothesis that the very name of the holiday - "carol" - and the songs - "carols" comes from the name of the New Year in Ancient Rome (Calendae lanuarie), which indicates close contacts of Ukrainian-Slavic culture with Greco-Roman in pre-Christian times. In Ukrainian folklore, a peculiar "memory" of the spring New Year's ritual is the spring theme of many carols and Christmas carols. For example, F. Koless believes that the authentic name of the winter majestic songs in Ukrainian territory was actually "carols". Already in the 19th century, significant differences between carols and Christmas carols in terms of subject matter actually disappeared (V. Hnatiuk).

"At a time when there was neither land nor sky, only one blue sea - in the middle of this sea there were two oaks, and two doves sat on the oaks; the doves went down to the bottom of the sea, got sand and stone, from which the earth was created, the sky and heavenly bodies". The mythological plot reflected in this ancient carol existed even in the days of the Scythians: on the bronze relief from the Scythian mound there is a tree with birds, and the sun and the moon. Similar subjects can be found on Ukrainian embroidered towels up to the beginning of the 20th century. Investigate